Top 10 Free Healthy Living Resources You Need to Know About

Who else agrees that the internet is a wonderful thing, and can't even remember what life was like before it? Sure, I bet that you can remember having actual conversations with people, especially if you have a child, which means you touched a real, live, 3-D person at least once.

Now that everyone and their dog are online, the inter webs are becoming so overloaded with information that's it hard to know who or what to trust.

Oh, you want to do something simple like starting to eat healthier? Great!

So you type that into Google, and find articles telling you to eat only fruit, 100% raw, drink nothing but green juice for a month, paleo, specific carbohydrate diet, traditional diets, grain free, 100-mile diet, caveman, balanced, high carb, low carb, no carb.

Even I'm confused and having a mild panic attack, and I do this for a damn living. The choices are endless, but how do you know if the recipes are any good?

After all, you're spending your hard earned cash on some of the weirdest ingredients you've ever heard of. I'm talking about you, umeboshi plum paste.

I've compiled my personal top 10 FREE healthy living resources so that they're all in one tidy spot (for yours and my sake!).

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy, RHN (click here): Joy is the clear skinned, energy filled woman that we all want to be (or at least have as our bestie). Her website is filled with nutrition packed, real food recipes that are heavy on the veggies but full of flavour. There's a reason this girl is coming out with her first book in February 2014. I'll be standing in line to get mine. She also talks about natural beauty products, and gives all her own secrets for how she gets that unmistakable glow other than from her great diet.

2. Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon (click here): Angela's recipes are 100% vegan, but she's got a carnivore husband, so you know that when he endorses one of her recipes, they're a keeper. Her food photography is enough to make you want to dive through your computer screen. Anyone who makes a Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie that literally tastes like raw chocolate cake batter is a keeper in my books. Speaking of books, she's got one in the works as well, and it's on my list, too.

3. Against All Grain by Danielle Walker (click here): Want to know what all the fuss is about this paleo diet thing? Check out Danielle's moving story about how she went from near death to thriving mama and New York Times best selling author. And her recipes? Well, I bet no one wants to eat good for you recipes like chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream or eggs benedict over savoury waffles, am I right?

4. Nourish Whole Food Nutrition by Sara Bradford, RHN (click here): I did Sara's 10 day real food community dump (not like any other "cleanse" I've heard of, this one you actually eat *gasp* real food) in October, and it broke me of my chocolate habit. I think I've had about 5 pieces of chocolate in the last month, and THAT is a feat of unimaginable proportions. This girl is seriously talented, plus she's got a passion for real food lunches, especially for kids. Oh, and she's the creator of the aptly-named crack sauce, aka almond butter sauce. It takes 2 minutes to make, and I've been thinking of running an IV directly into my veins of it. Just saying.

5. Squawkfox by Kerry K. Taylor (click here): I can't even remember when I found Kerry's site, but it's been years. She writes about how to make frugal living sexy, delicious, and fun. Kerry doesn't focus necessarily on nutrition, but she breaks down the cost of making food from scratch instead of buying the heavily processed versions, which I'm all for. My most fave article of hers? The one where she turned one $49 organic chicken into 22 meals. Her latest article where she outlines exactly how to reduce the cost of  gluten-free diet is sure to become your new g-free survival guide.

6. The Restless Palate by France Morissette (click here): Another site that I've been following for years, France is passionate about making real food in the simplest ways possible to let the real flavours shine. She lives in Canada, (eh?) so her recipes are always seasonal to what's available in my neck of the woods. She's got hundreds of recipes that you can search by ingredients.

7. Teach. Eat. Love by Anne (click here): As of right now, my 13-month-old sons eats what we put in front of him with gusto, but I've heard that the toddler years are a doozy for turning formerly good eaters in picky, meal-time disasters. Anne's not a nutritionist, but her website is a wealth of information on how she's getting her kids to eat (and love) real food, a ton of yummy looking recipes, and her processed food exposés make you question eating anything out of a box ever again. Do you think Cheerios are healthy? Think again!

8. Crazy Sexy Cancer, Diet, Kitchen, Juices & Smoothies et al by Kris Carr (click here): Unless you're completely new to healthy eating, or living under a rock, you most definitely have heard of Kris Carr. Kris is the creator of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, where you can follow her from being diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer at the ripe old age of 31, and her subsequent journey through natural healing. She's created a veritable empire on the knowledge she's gained in the 10+ years since her diagnosis. Oh, and she's been on Oprah and is a New York Times bestseller. No biggie. She's approachable, fun, and has a passion for sharing somewhat scary information in a completely understandable way.

9. Food Matters by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch (click here): Do you want to know anything about pretty much anything natural and whole foods? This is the place to go. It all started with the documentary "Food Matters", and their latest one "Hungry for Change" (which I have yet to see … Christmas present?). From learning about juicing, which water is the healthiest for you, to your chewing gum, they've got it. It'll take you days, if not weeks, to go through all the free info they have on their site.

10. Wellness Mama by Katie (click here): With over 175,000 Facebook followers, you know that this girl knows her stuff. From 101 uses for coconut oil (seriously!?!), healthy hormones after pregnancy (she has 5 kids), and real food recipes, she's got an article to help with basically everything. I'm fairly new to her community (only a few months), but everything that I've read by her is so useful and easy that I can't help but put her on this list.

In the comments below, I want to know what are YOUR favourite healthy eating resources online that you can't live without?