How to easily build your own beautiful website

Are you a holistic health biz owner who knows you need a beautiful website ... but you don't have thousands of dollars to hire it out or dozens of hours building a website from scratch? You can now purchase amazing SquareSpace templates that'll help you stand out from the crowd! Click here to see 4 gorgeous, done-for-you pre-made website templates. #healthcoach #healthcoachbusiness #nutritionist #nutritionbusiness #becomeahealthcoach #healthcoachwebsite #healthcoachwebsitedesign

I bet you dream of having an online business that makes money while you sleep, am I right? Imagine, you're working in yoga pants from your couch, all cozy sipping on a warm beverage of your choice, and you get an email that you just had another sale. Sounds like bliss to me and an amazing ultimate goal (and, FYI, it is my life most days!), but how do you actually get there?

You don't just start a Facebook page, instantly get 10,000 likes the next day, and magically start making $5,000 a month, although wouldn't it be wonderful if it happened that way! You might think it happens that way because it seems there are online biz owners everywhere sharing how they went from zero clients and zero income to a $100,000 online course launch in 2 months. I hate to burst your bubble, but it really doesn't happen that way in real life.

In most cases, that "overnight success" took years of experimenting and failures to find something that works, and most entrepreneurs aren't going to tell you that (because they're trying to sell their course that teaches you to duplicate that super fast success that never really happened that way).

But the one thing that they usually DO have in common, no matter what their niche, ideal client, or what they're selling is?

They have a beautiful website.

Before we dive into this a little further, and how you can easily build your own beautiful website, let me share that there's a difference between a beautiful website and a website that converts to sales. It's not enough to have a beautiful website for the sake of beauty, unless you want to be a blogger who forever posts the most amazing pictures but never makes enough to pay their rent. There are lots of those bloggers out there.

Having a website that converts is a whole other ball of wax (what does that saying even mean?!), but you can get a head start on that over here.

Now, I've been using SquareSpace (as opposed to WordPress, click here to find out why) to design, build, and host my website for almost 3 years now, plus I created a course about it, so you can definitely say that I LOVE the ease and accessibility of the program, but there's always been one drawback:

There are only so many pre-made templates, and all of them were offered by SquareSpace themselves.

You don't want to look like everyone else, do you? Me neither! *high five*

But wait! You don't know how to do custom CSS or HTML coding, and you don't have $3,000 lying around for someone else to build a custom website for you? Who does?!

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that there are some forward thinking companies that sell the most beautiful, unique, easy-to-use, pre-made SquareSpace templates! ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS!!!

I'm using one of the following pre-made templates for my new website, and you'll notice that I've already started changing my blog, fonts, and formatting around in preparation for it to launch. Using these templates is super easy, there are videos showing you exactly how to use them, and you can still customize them to your hearts content. What's not to love?

P.S. there are lots of templates out there that are beautiful, but are specifically optimized for businesses like photography or online stores. You might love the look of these templates, but they might not work for a holistic health business. If you find a template that you love but doesn't have the functionality that you're  needing, write down specifically what you love about those templates (like how they have the pictures laid out, the format of the blog, the sidebar, etc), and see if there's a way to re-create that inspiration in a template that works better for you.

Here are my favourite pre-made SquareSpace templates so that you can easily build your own beautiful website:

1. Radar template



I love the Radar template by Go Live HQ so much that I'm using it for my new website! Which, by the way, I got for half off in their Black Friday sale. SCORE!

This template almost feels like an editorial magazine, with it's bold square graphics, heavy black serif fonts (which you can always switch out), and tons of pictures, while still feeling balanced with lots of white space.

The main pages come with videos showing you how to set them up exactly as shown, and then you can go in an customize them with your own pictures, copy, and style.

I'm taking it one step further and adding in sections in each page that fit better with the huge number of free resources I have scattered throughout my website, as well as adding custom code plugins from Square Studio.

If you clicked the link above for the template, you'll see that there are also real examples of this template in action for multiple different websites, which is always helpful for getting ideas to customize it (remember, we don't copy other websites, we use them for inspiration!).

2. Always Template

I love the Always template too (I love them all!), again from Go Live HQ, but it feels completely different from Radar above.

This template is much more subdued and minimalist, although you could change up that feel by choosing more saturated, bold colours. I feel like this template is almost Scandinavian, which I'm totally into right now.

This template is much less dependent on photos for it's design, so it's a good choice if you haven't had a chance to have a full, professional photoshoot yet.

Logistically, it uses a different theme than Radar, so it has slightly different functionality with a secondary navigation bar and parallax images. Parallax images mean that the background pictures scroll at a different speed than the rest of the content, making it look like you're rolling across images. I'm not personally in love with this function, but it does look cool if that's your style!

I actually purchased both this template AND the Radar template, because I wasn't sure which one I wanted to use, and they were both 50% off. I ultimately decided on Radar, it just felt more like me, but I'm normally someone can make quick decisions, so the fact that I bought both tells you what a tough decision it actually was!

3. Eiderwild Template

I adore the call-to-action rich homepage on the Eiderwild template by Station Seven, and the About Page is designed much more for sales conversions than the other templates I've recommended above.

To me, this template feels clean, minimal, and mature.

This template is also very affordable compared to other companies, but the level of support is just the same, with videos showing you exactly how to install and design this theme on your own website.

If you don't want a total DIY, you can also upgrade and have Station Seven install the template for you in less than 24 hours for less than the price of the first two templates above!

What I love the most about Station Seven? For each of their website template, there is a matching blog template and social media templates, meaning that for as low as $19 US, you can get pre-done, matching graphics to make all your blog posts (for Pinterest) and other social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram).

Even though I didn't end up going with this template for my website, I purchased both the Eiderwild blog and social media templates to save me tons of time. They're from two different companies, but they look great together!

Here's what it looks like after I customized one of their Eiderwild blog template pictures to my own branding:

How to easily build your own website social media template example small.jpg

The #1 course you need to take to be successful small.png

4. Acadia template


Why can't I have allllll the templates at once? It's so hard to choose! This Acadia template, again by Station Seven, is much more bold than Eiderwild.

The Acadia template is very image driven, so it's for you if you have some gorgeous pictures to showcase that make people want to keep scrolling.

Acadia also has a sidebar in the blog, which none of the other 3 templates has. While sidebars aren't usually stellar for converting people to email subscribers or clients, you never know who might end up paying you because they saw one of your products or services there.

Just like with most of the other Station Seven website templates, there are blog post templates and social media templates to match, which saves you time and effort trying to come up with something that give a consistent feel of your brand no matter if a potential client sees you on social media OR your website.

I think it's amazing to have access to fantastic technology and templates that make it so easy to have a beautiful website. I consider my website my digital home, and I want yours to feel that way, too.

I want to know: if you had to decide on just one template from above, which one would you pick?