The #1 course you need to take to be successful in your holistic health business

Are you a nutritionist or holistic health coach who has been spending more and more on courses to make you an "expert"... but you're still not making enough in your business? Stop investing in health courses, and start investing in business skills! Click here to learn the #1 course to take to make your business profitable in the next year. #healthcoach #healthcoachbusiness #nutritionist #nutritionbusiness #becomeahealthcoach #yogateacher #naturopath

As I write this, it's the end of the year and we're all being pulled into reflection and planning mode. What went well? What didn't go as planned? You have to look at what you've done and how you felt while you were doing it to figure out what you want to do more of. There's no point in doing more of things that make you feel miserable and unfulfilled just because you're supposed to. We're all adults, and this isn't the same as brushing our teeth so they don't fall out. There are SO many ways to run your business. I see lots of posts in Facebook groups asking "what's the best course on functional medicine?", and get emails regularly asking "what nutrition school is the best?". When there are so many new things to learn, what's the #1 course you need to take to be successful in your holistic health business? The answer isn't what you think it is.

Before I get into actual courses, I want you to know my biggest secret for success: you already know what you need to do in your business, you just need to figure out how to do it.

What does that even mean?

You don't need another course about advanced detoxing, eliminating food allergies, or functional medicine (FYI: those are all courses I invested in, or thought about investing in). I repeat: do NOT invest thousands of dollars in another course about health if you want to be successful in your health business.

Your business isn’t successful because you don’t know what you’re doing, but because no one knows about your business.

I don't know about you, but that makes me feel a whole lot better about myself as a human being.

Are you a nutritionist or holistic health coach who has been spending more and more on courses to make you an "expert"... but you're still not making enough in your business? Stop investing in health courses, and start investing in business skills! Click here to learn the #1 course to take to make your business profitable in the next year. #healthcoach #healthcoachbusiness #nutritionist #nutritionbusiness #becomeahealthcoach #yogateacher #naturopath

It's all about marketing!!! You already know enough to help many, many people get better, the problem is that the people who need your help don't know about you!

I spent so many years investing thousands of dollars in this course over here and that course over there to learn new techniques for helping my clients. Allergy elimination therapy, advanced detox techniques, and even purchased a super expensive Electrodermal Screening machine that I could use to test clients on what imbalances they had in their body. You can read about exactly how much that mistake cost me way back in 2008 in this post over here.

None of those helped me to make more than a few thousand dollars per year, much less a full time income. I was already an expert in so many people's eyes, the only person who didn't believe in my skill was myself. Ouch, that one hurt to figure out.

Even now, as someone who has generated over $150,000 in revenue this year and taking home almost 6 figures of that as take-home pay, I still feel like I want to take some courses in Functional Medicine. Now I know myself enough to ask "but WHY do I want to take this course?" and the answer is that I don't feel as confident as I want to feel.

Even as a top leader in my network marketing company with a customer base of 4,200+ customers, I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. But then I watched a video this weekend (yay, self development! Something else that I never did when I wasn't making any money in my business ...) and realized that practically no one feels like they know what they're doing!

With social media, and being able to see everyone's highlights of their lives, I think we all suffer from Imposter Syndrome to some degree. Some days it's worse and some days it's better, but pretty much every single day I hop on social media, see someone's post, and say to myself "I should do that". Thus is the evil side of one of the best tools to grow your business ever.

It wasn't until I finally figured out that while I had such a deep passion to serve others and run a successful business, I had no idea how to actually run a business. That was the missing link! When I started investing in business courses, my business started being more and more profitable. *Lightbulb moment*.

So before you think you're not making enough money because you're not enough of an expert, I want you to stop. You already know enough, you're just afraid.

Maybe you even need to promise yourself that you won't buy any more courses about health in the next 6 months or year, and instead put that money into learning about how to run a profitable business.

Now with the millions of online courses about growing your business, how do you know what ones are the best? You can't. Everyone and their sister has an online course these days. What I recommend is before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars, to follow that person closely and learn everything about their style.

Anyone who is worth their weight in online course gold will have a super active social media presence (not necessarily everywhere, but on 1-2 platforms), and usually a blog and/or Podcast. You want to take your courses from people who have really done what you want to do.

If you want to take a course about launching, the person you purchase your course from had better done multiple successful launches (and shown you the proof). 

If you want to learn about social media and how to use it to grow your business, don't buy a course from someone who only has 200 followers on Facebook or Instagram.

You want to buy from someone who has gone down that path first and had success, but also someone who you resonate with. If you 're following them online and scoping them out, and they drive you up a wall with their mannerisms, language, or style, then don't pay thousands of dollars to learn how they did XYZ thing. They're going to drive you nuts inside their course, too!

Ultimately, you're buying a piece of your future by modelling someone else's past or current life, so if you don't like their life, it's probably not going to end well.

Below is a list of the courses I've invested in and loved, but your style might not resonate with those teachers. Find someone who teaches the same thing but in your style. And remember that there's no guarantee with online courses that they're going to be as good as the sales pages make you think. The only way to make sure is to do your due diligence by checking out all of the teacher's free content. If their free content is amazingly valuable and you feel like it's good enough that you would have paid for it, chances are that their paid course is going to be at the same level, if not better.

Here are 4 business courses that I would invest in again and again to be successful in your holistic health business:

1. B-School

This is the online course that launched it alllllll for me. I had no idea how to really do this online business thing, and other than having a website already, I needed to start from ground zero. This course is ground zero.

If you have no experience with building a business online, have no website, don't know who you want to help, and have no idea what you want to sell, this is the course for you. B-School (short for Business School!) is run by the incredible Marie Forleo, and was one of the first major online courses ever.

Marie offers so much value each week with her long-running series MarieTV, and has been featured by Oprah. She's the real deal.

Not only do you get an amazing course, but you get access to Facebook groups with 20,000+ alumni (B-School has had over 35,000 students). This networking opportunity is priceless, and there are so many high level graduates in the health space like Kris Carr (founder of the Crazy Sexy franchise, as in Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen) and Jadah Sellner (co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies).

2. Launch Your Signature Course

This course, by Mariah Coz, is the launching course to end all launching courses. If you've ever wanted to launch an online program, this is it. I've never seen so much value added to one program, and I still haven't completed every single action in the course.

This course was the foundation of my $10,000 online course launch to an email list of 400 people with no paid ads, and I shared all the details over here. I'm planning on updating my course and re-launching next spring, so I'll be going through the course again myself.

Mariah's taking time out to launch an intimate mastermind right now, so her links to Launch Your Signature Course are re-directing, but in the meantime you can click here to check out all her other amazing courses, especially Webinar Rockstar.

3. Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Well that's a cheeky course title, isn't it?! That's because it's run by the cheeky Denise Duffield Thomas, business and money coach. We get along because she teaches that swearing and being abundantly rich aren't mutually exclusive ;)

I didn't think I had any issues making money ... until I actually started making money. Turns out, I have HUGE issues with feeling worthy, investing in myself, and outgrowing my family and friends. This bootcamp helped me identify and break through some major money blocks, as well as provided the foundation for money mindset work going forward.

Now that I'm aware of my money blocks, I see how they're rampant in our industry. We all want to help people, and we don't want to look greedy doing it. Money is the root of all evil and corporate greed, right?

Turns out that when you view money as just another tool to live your most abundant life possible, it doesn't control you and flows pretty effortlessly. Of course there's still work behind it, but there are easy ways to allow money to flow into your life OR you can fight it tooth and nail for the rest of your days. I'm going with door #1.

Click here to learn more about Denise's Money Bootcamp, and click here to read Denise's ideas on why so many health coaches are broke! The more we all make, the more we can change the health of our world by choosing to spend our money on beautifully grown and sustainable products made within local economy.

We're going to change the world with how we choose to spend our money, so let's make more money so we can affect more change.

4. Brand, Build, Blog

I'm not going to lie, this is MY course, but I'm not promoting it just for the sake of marketing. I know that it can change your business. I have students email me weekly telling me that I need to raise the price because it's that good ... but we'll see ;)

In all seriousness, this course is for you if you want a website but you're totally tech shabby (the opposite of tech savvy) and don't want to spend thousands having someone else do it for you. If you can attach a document to an email, you can build your own website.

I took the lessons from B-School that your WEBSITE needs to be the hub of your business (not social media), and merged that with the easiest website building platform ever: Squarespace. Add in a foundation of building a solid brand that helps spread your message of wellness for you (your brand should speak for you when you're not in the room), and you're set for the next year.

Click here to get your free Brand & Website Checklist, with all the steps you need to take to get your amazing digi-home up and running ASAP.

So what do you think? I know I have some followers who have taken theses courses, too. Did I nail it? Or have you not heard of any of these courses before?

I wanna know: if you had $2,000 to spend on an online course right now, which one would you take? Either from the list above or one I'm not familiar with, I love learning about new courses (professional student over here)!

P.S. None of the above courses are affiliate links. I just wholeheartedly believe in learning new skills to make your business more successful, and wanted to share them with you!