5 must listen business podcasts to grow your health and nutrition business

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Earlier this year when I started walking for a half hour, 5 times a week, in an attempt to support my anxiety (click here for everything that’s been working for me), I started listening to podcasts. I had tried many, many times before to listen on the regular, but I’m a visual learner, and listening to something while trying to focus on other tasks just doesn’t work for me, and frankly makes me feel overwhelmed. For example, cooking is like my meditation, and the thought of breaking my calm focus (and possibly cutting off part of my fingers while chopping!) with someone blabbing in my ear sounded like one of my personal versions of hell. But listening to business podcasts while walking? BINGO.

I’ve been sharing my fave episodes of specific business podcasts on Instagram, and friends have been loving my recommendations. So I thought I’d put them here all in one place!

Some of my choices might seem random, or like they’re talking about a whole lot of stuff other than directly building a health or nutrition business. However, I’ve come to understand that even though most business podcasts are focused on other niches, or they might not even BE a traditional business podcast, that you can still successfully apply the same tips and strategies to your own business.

And sometimes it’s more helpful to hear that someone else has been through the same challenge as you. You don’t even want or need a strategy to get through it, you just want to soothe your feelings and know that you’re not alone. Isn’t it amazing how technology these days CAN make you feel more connected?

So, here are my 5 must-listen business podcasts for your health and nutrition business:

#1 The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

5 must listen podcasts to grow your health and wellness business | Ashley Srokosz | Nutrition business

You know those people who are huge online but still don’t seem to lose that down to earth, “I’m just like you” feeling? That’s Jenna Kutcher!

At the time of this post, Jenna has 667,000 followers on Instagram, and her Goal Digger podcast consistently ranks in the top 100 on ALL of iTunes (that’s out of about 550,000 worldwide!). She runs a million dollar business with a design shop and marketing courses out of middle of nowhere, Minnesota.

Her business model is every entrepreneurs dream! She focuses on creating content on her podcast, blog and Instagram, and her team handles all the rest. She takes an entire month-long sabbatical every year (sometimes twice a year) to their AirBNB in Hawaii, which they also rent out for another source of business revenue (she has an episode on this, her husband handles everything to do with it other than the marketing).

While she’s got some amazing episodes about business, she also talks openly about body image and positivity (she’s a curvy girl who is married to “Mr. Six Pack”, and is an Aerie model) and pregnancy loss.

Now I just started listening to this podcast around episode 150, and there are SO many I haven’t gotten to yet. My fave episodes below are just a few of dozens I’ve listened to, but there are definitely some I need to go back to from her earlier episodes.

Business subjects covered: Instagram (she’s amazing at this!) and Pinterest, hiring and working with a team, email marketing, creativity, podcasting, branding, photography

How to listen: her website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher

# of episodes: 200+

My fave episodes:

  • 155: How I Doubled my Instagram Growth in One Month - this was FASCINATING and why I now include more pictures of me in my own feed

  • 190: The Secret to Success as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur - because I want to do everything

  • 194: Why “No” Isn’t a Negative Word with Iskra Lawrence - this interview was fantastic! If you’ve ever been told no in business, this one is for you

#2 The GOOP Podcast

5 must listen podcasts to grow your health and wellness business | Ashley Srokosz | Nutrition business

I know I’m not the only one weirdly obsessed with GOOP, started by the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow.

Whether you love or hate her, or think that some of the products or services she recommends are ridiculous, over the top, and seriously not needed with all the waste and poverty on our planet, you can’t deny that Gwyneth and GOOP are on the cutting edge of health and wellness.

She was one of the first celebrities to talk about a macrobiotic diet, clean eating, and gluten free. Plus, the girl isn’t faking it with her cookbooks, she’s a mean cook in the kitchen and she truly loves food!

Besides all the insights into trends in health, wellness, clean beauty, and sustainable fashion, her podcast gives some behind the scenes glimpses into her ever-growing, 225+ employee company which employs mainly women.

Not only that, but GOOP strives to support other women-led, innovative products and companies designed to make the lives of modern, busy women who want optimal health easier.

I always admired Gwyneth Paltrow, in that completely untouchable in only the way that a movie star can be (I mean, Shakespeare in Love still makes me cry, like 15 years later! Viola De Lesseps and William Shakespeare just loved each other so MUCH, why couldn’t they be together forever?!), but in listening to her podcast interviews, you realize that she’s pretty down to earth, funny, smart as a whip, and insightful. She cares a LOT about her health, her families health, her employees, and the health of women around the world. All while looking effortlessly beautiful and chic in a way that someone can only look when they’re beautiful and healthy from the inside out.

Other subjects covered outside of business includes pregnancy and postpartum anxiety and depression, anxiety in general, sexuality, spirituality, nutrition, autoimmune disease, and gut health, amongst others.

Business subjects covered: Scaling a business, moving from Founder to CEO, dealing with employees, work-life balance, creating and building workplace culture, beliefs + values

How to listen: iTunes, Spotify

# of episodes: 45+

My fave episodes:

  • Gwyneth on Perfectionism, Criticism, and Curiosity - this one spoke to me!

  • Gwyneth X Sarah Jessica: On Heartbreak, Business, books, and Reality TV - I LOVE SJP, always have, always will. This episode made me love her even more

  • Gwyneth X Stella McCartney: On Being Ridiculed, Building a Brand, and Creating What’s Cool - I don’t even like Stella’s fashion style (it’s a little too stark, modern, and edgy for me), but I wanted to buy some pieces just because I completely believe in her brand values … what a business lesson!

#3 The Purpose Show by Allie Casazza

5 must listen podcasts to grow your health and wellness business | Ashley Srokosz | Nutrition business

I discovered Allie Casazza and her podcast, The Purpose Show, this summer, and I adore her business and how she has designed it to fit into her life.

Allie runs a (close to) million dollar business in only a few hours each day with the help of her husband and a team, all while she homeschools her 4 kids and is in the process of adopting another child.

She’s not shy about sharing her business journey, how her family went from not being able to afford groceries to a multiple six figure business, and how her life and business has evolved over the past 2 years after viral growth.

The funny part is that Allie is super into Jesus, which I am not, and into minimalism, which I kind of already live and don’t need outright help with. But I want to listen to her stuff anyways!

What I love most about Allie and her podcast is her entire lifestyle. Even though I don’t necessarily feel overwhelmed by all my physical stuff in our house, I still see value in listening to an episode about simplifying your life. And even though I don’t really need one of her courses, I want to buy them anyways. because I want a life with values and beliefs like hers.

This is exactly how you should be marketing your business, too! And P.S. this is why we start with your brand values in my branding course. You don’t sell people stuff, you sell your values and beliefs! The sooner you understand that, the sooner you’ll get better at marketing, and the sooner you’ll make more money in your business.

Business subjects covered: goal setting, productivity and focus, scheduling, work/life balance with kids, working with a team

How to listen: her website, iTunes, Spotify

# of episodes: 85+

My fave episodes:

  • 55: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About the Early Days of my Blog - This was so interesting to listen to the evolution of someone else’s business

  • 79: Essentialism: The Key to a Life Lived on Purpose with Greg McKeown - Allie interviews Greg McKeown, the author of the fantastic business and self development book “Essentialism”. The phone exercise he takes her through opened my eyes to exactly how much time I’m wasting on Instagram (like, 10 hours a week … not ALL of that was focused, business building time at ALL)

  • 24: Phone Settings for a Present Life - this episode introduced me to the fact that I can set a specific ring tone for texts from my husband, which means I no longer have my phone near me when I’m working out of fear of missing texts about picking up our son from school or other daily happenings. That means less work distractions and more productivity!

#4 All Rise Up - A Podcast to Support Your doTERRA Network Marketing Business

5 must listen podcasts to grow your health and wellness business | Ashley Srokosz | Nutrition business

If you have a doTERRA Network Marketing business, or even with any other network marketing company, the All Rise Up podcast is a MUST LISTEN.

This podcast is by Alice Nicholls, Functional Health Expert + Nutritionist and doTERRA Presidential Diamond.

It’s literally impossible to not want to grow your doTERRA business when you listen to her podcast.

Alice’s passion for healthy food, moving your body, doTERRA essential oils, and overall living a life on passionate fire is a joy to witness on Instagram, and she’ll lift you up on days when you’re wallowing in failure or self despair.

She mixes mostly hard-core action and butt kicking with a little bit of spiritual musings, and her interviews with the top-ranked builders in doTERRA are priceless. And her perspective on the network marketing industry in general, after working for years in the corporate world, will make you 1,000% get over your beliefs about “pyramid schemes” that you absorbed 20 years ago when your [insert relative name here] did [insert sleazy network marketing company here].

Business subjects covered: all things building a doTERRA business

How to listen: her website, iTunes

# of episodes: 30+

My fave episodes:

  • Mother Magik. Musings and small big business conversations - This episode kicked my ass, I loved it SO much. I literally wanted to yell “Hells yes!” several times on my solo walk … but I didn’t, in case I looked like a crazy person.

  • Keeli Martinez: “The World is Waiting For YOU!” - You basically have to live under a rock if you’re building a doTERRA business and you don’t know Keeli Martinez. This episode teaches you exactly why she’s a Presidential Diamond, and you get a feel for the mental strength, what failures you’re going to have to endure, and what lessons you’re going to have to learn if you really want to reach the highest ranks in doTERRA

  • Danyel Waters: Go Change a Life Today - in this interview with one of her own front line Diamond builders, you get a glimpse into the work behind what it takes to grow to Diamond super quickly in doTERRA. The stories that Danyel shares about her Healing Hands trip to Nepal (and all the poverty she experienced), and what beliefs she’s had to work through after coming back, is truly an inspiration and will light a fire under your butt

#5 The Business of Becoming with Lori Kennedy

5 must listen podcasts to grow your health and wellness business | Ashley Srokosz | Nutrition business

Lori Kennedy is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist turned business coach. She’s got a gift for marketing and scaling businesses, which is knowledge that is MUCH needed by nutritionists, health coaches, and pretty much every other health-based business owner on the planet.

She truly understands what it takes to build a successful business in the health and wellness industry, and knows how to build multiple revenue streams, including signature programs, group programs, and online programs.

Her content is very similar to mine, in that she’s not giving you high-level concepts with no idea how to actually put it into practice. Many of her podcast episodes include free downloads with the tools and scripts to get you started with that particular subject that you’ll need to master to be successful in your business.

If you’re brand new to your health business, or just ready to finally take it seriously, this podcast is where you should start.

Business subjects covered: everything you’ll need to know to build a successful health or nutrition business, including planning, investing in high level support, marketing, copywriting, launching, social media, mindset and confidence, selling, and self care

How to listen: her website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

# of episodes: 70+

My fave episodes:

  • I’m not going to lie, I have only listened to a few episodes so far (I only found this podcast a few weeks ago!), so as I get my world rocked, I’ll update this list with my absolute favourites.