How to make a digital signature for your website and emails (+ a free video tutorial)

Have you wondered how to make a digital signature like what you see on websites and at the bottom of email newsletters? Click here to see the step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to make a digital signature in less than 5 minutes! This is perfect for holistic nutritionists, health coaches, essential oil business owners, or yoga teachers.

When I started designing this website, I wanted it to feel like me. How many of you had also said that before diving into colours, fonts, photo shoots, and writing your about page?! One of the ways that I infused a little bit more of me in this place that I call my digi-home is by putting my actual, handwritten signature on it, and I (surprisingly) get a lot of questions on how to make a digital signature.

Before we jump in, though, let me preface this lesson with one thing: putting a digital signature on your website or having a pretty logo is NOT the same as having an effective and profit-making brand.

If you don't have an intentional brand behind your logo or digital signature, it's kind of like painting a pretty colour over a crumbling and leaky foundation in a house that you're trying to sell. At first glance, people will think everything is well and good, that is until they have their inspection, find out that the foundation is crap, and leave so fast that they probably won't even say good-bye to you.

It's the same thing with your website. Having pretty things to attract people there is one thing, but getting them to stay, sign up to your email list, and eventually buy things are totally different.

It doesn't matter what you name your business or website. My last name is so damn hard to say and spell, but it doesn't stop people from visiting my website and signing up to my email list. And do you know why?

I know what to write because I know who I'm writing to.

I've picked a niche (women who own a holistic health business). I've designed my website with colours, fonts, style, and pictures that are attractive to that niche. Most importantly, I write amazing free content for people in that niche.

It doesn't matter if you know how to make a digital signature, which you may or may not plaster all over your website, if you don't have the goods to back it up. Make sure that you have chosen a specific niche, designed your website for that niche, and keep them coming back on a regular basis.

Psst ... if you have no idea where to start, then click here to learn all about my signature online course called Brand, Build, Blog: A Branding & Blogging course for holistic biz owners who are tech-shabby. I teach you step-by-step (literally, I tell you where to point and click) exactly how to brand yourself, build your website, and start blogging to attract your ideal client. If you can attach a file to an e-mail, this course is right up your alley!

*end rant*

Back to the business at hand, how to make a digital signature. Here's what you'll need:

- the camera on your phone (or a real camera, but it's not necessary)
- a piece of white paper
- a fat-ish pen, like a felt-tip Sharpie. It doesn't have to be super fat, but if it's thicker than a    regular pen it'll look better
- the free version of Canva (or other photo editing software)
- the step-by-step tutorial below!

How to make a digital signature

There you go, easy peasy! It's not so hard when someone walks you through it, right?

I wanna know: who's going to put their digital signature on their website!? Comment below with the website address of where it is, because I want to see it!