5 ways get more followers on Instagram

5 ways get more followers on Instagram

Let me ask you a question: do you want to get more followers on Instagram? Duh, who doesn’t?! It’s like our self worth is attached to that one number, followed by how many likes our last post got. Frankly, it’s exhausting. No matter how good it feels to get more Instagram followers and likes, it won’t necessarily find you new paying customers, but that’s an entirely different post. Today’s article is ALLLLL about how to get more followers on Instagram by taking better pictures.

I kind of cringe when I think about my business growing (or not) based on a pretty picture, but let’s all accept the fact that Instagram is a visual platform. Pretty pictures will always get more likes than less attractive ones.

Your pictures have to be so attractive that it makes someone stop in the middle of their mindless scrolling and actually read your caption or listen to your video, which is where you’ll win them over with your sparkling personality (and get them to buy stuff). No pressure.

4 ways to save time in your health business with a brand & website

4 ways to save time in your health business with a brand & website

I recently sent out a questionnaire to my audience, and the #1 concern that I heard over and over again was that you don’t have enough time. I mean, who does?!

So today, I’m teaching you 4 ways to save valuable time in your health business with a beautiful brand and website.

Stock photos for your health & wellness business

Stock photos for your health & wellness business

A few weeks ago, I shared about how I use stock photos on my Instagram feed, and my followers went bananas. So I asked them in a poll on Insta Stories if they'd be interested in me sharing my fave stock photo for your health & wellness business on my next blog post ... and overwhelmingly the answer was YES! One person answered no, but I have no idea why they follow me 😂.

While I'm a recovering perfectionist and try not to have everything perfect, there's no doubt that beautiful pictures on your website and social media DOES encourage people to follow you and stick around to read your content.

It's one thing to chase followers and clicks to your website, but to make money you have to turn those people into email subscribers and leads to develop a relationship with you first!

And since you own a business and not an expensive hobby, you don't just chase simple numbers like followers, you actually want to make a profit, right?

That's what beautiful pictures do: they entice people to stay around a little longer, read another post or two, and start to like and trust you. Hopefully they opt into your email list so that you own their information forever and aren't at the mercy of perpetual algorithm changes on social media.

Marie Forleo has shared that "after 3 seconds on your website, a prospect has already formed an impression of you". You could say the same for social media or anything public facing. You only have 3 seconds to communicate something of value, and think about how much information someone can absorb by reading for 3 seconds versus looking at some pictures.

It's true when they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

It seems superficial to focus on pretty pictures, but studies show that babies look at the faces of attractive people longer than unattractive ones. It's literally built into our brains and DNA to want to see pretty things.

6 ways to brand your business without a website!

6 ways to brand your business without a website!

You know when you come across a new Instagram feed or Facebook page and you're drooling over their pictures? It instantly makes you want to know more, right? Maybe you stalk that person on social media for months before you even click to their website to see if you want what they're selling. I've done this SO many times, and I have businesses like this on secret Pinterest boards so that I can easily go back and find them when I'm ready to redecorate my house or buy gifts for my doTERRA team. And when I love something or think I want it, I'm also sharing it on my social media feeds and spreading the word for them! That's when you know you've hit the holy grail of marketing.

The way that most of us find out about new businesses now is generally through social media, and if those social media accounts are a hot mess, chances are that I'm not clicking through to purchase anything. Granted, I'm a very visually driven person, so if their feed or product isn't pretty, I'm not following them and I'm definitely not buying anything. Maybe you're not exactly like me, but I think we can all agree that beautiful branding pulls you in quickly, but a quality product that you actually need is what will make you purchase after you've already established trust with that company.

Because that's all that those beautiful social media feeds are: effective branding

They know what they want to share, they know how they want it to look, and they're attracting people who feel the same.

That's all that branding is! It's just a feeling that someone gets when they interact with your business, which might be looking through your social media feeds, reading your website, or watching a webinar with slides that you've created.

Why I'm NOT spending thousands of dollars on my new website (and why you shouldn't either!)

Why I'm NOT spending thousands of dollars on my new website (and why you shouldn't either!)

When I launched this website 3 years ago, I was just embarking on a new phase of my business. One that shared the business side of things, and not just about health and wellness for my existing customers. Talking about business, including email marketing, branding, websites, and social media, was WAY more interesting to me than writing another blog post about lemon water or kale. Over the past 3 years, I've:

  • written 32 blog posts
  • grown an email list to over 1,150 people almost entirely passively
  • launched an online course with over 125 students about branding and website design for holistic practitioners who are tech-shabby
  • grown a network marketing team to over 4,100 customers in 8 countries worldwide with almost $300,000 in sales per month; and
  • gone from claiming a nil income on my annual income tax to bringing in over $140,000 in 2017 (about $80,000 net).

To say that my business has evolved over the past 3 years is an understatement.

About 6 months ago, I started feeling that my message had changed, because I had changed. When I was featured in our company's Leadership Magazine, I wrote "I’m still the same person, but I’m not the same person".

So many lessons have come to me over the past 3 years, both difficult and easy, that the time has come to take a hard look at myself, my why, my messaging, my website and ultimately, what I want to leave behind as a legacy.

Time for a re-brand.