What email software to use in your biz

What email software to use in your biz

I get the question of "what email platform should I use in my business" at least once a week. When I first started, there was only a handful of email marketing software companies, but now the possibilities seem endless: Mailchimp, AWeber, MadMimi, Constant Contact GetResponse, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Ontraport ... and that doesn't even include the multi-tool platforms (that include extra robust shops and even online course hosting) like the New Kajabi and Shopify. How do you even know where to start?

You make an educated decision and move on. Seriously.

Whatever success you want to create, whatever feats you want to achieve, whatever dreams you want to make real, you can, and you don't have to do impossible, extraordinary things to make that happen. But you have to do SOMETHING. ~ Jeff Olson

You could debate until you're blue in the face which one to choose, but as in life and anything biz related, there won't be just one platform that will have everything you need all in one place and is the best at all of them. It doesn't exist.

One company might be better at getting through spam filters while another will give you the ability to create multiple lists and track clicks.

You've got to pick the one that ticks most of your boxes, then make it work for all it's worth.

However, if there's only one thing that you learn from this blog post, it's that you need to be growing an email list for the success of your business.

Whether you choose one of the companies I list below, or go with another completely different one, promise me that you at least HAVE an email list.

This is one of the top 3 mistakes I made in my first year as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and I don't want you to make the same one that I did.

How to supercharge your list building (+ free video training)

How to supercharge your list building (+ free video training)

So, you've done all the right things in your business. You picked a niche, branded your business, built a kick-ass website, started your email list, are blogging on the regular, and sharing your value-packed content on social media. You know that list building is the top thing you need to be doing to have regular new clients or to get ready to launch your next (maybe even your first!) online course.

You're so proud of yourself for sticking to a plan and doing all. the. things that you see other successful online peeps doing!

But when you log into your email software, your list isn't growing very fast. All you hear is proverbial crickets. What a huge letdown! So what are you doing wrong? Turns out, nothing, it's just that people need a little more incentive nowadays to opt into your email list.

How to make a digital signature for your website and emails (+ a free video tutorial)

How to make a digital signature for your website and emails (+ a free video tutorial)

When I started designing this website, I wanted it to feel like me. How many of you had also said that before diving into colours, fonts, photo shoots, and writing your about page?! One of the ways that I infused a little bit more of me in this place that I call my digi-home is by putting my actual, hand-written signature on it, and I (surprisingly) get a lot of questions on how to make a digital signature.

Read more to get step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a digital signature by using just the camera on your phone and Canva.

Website 101: Where to Start (+ free video training)

Website 101: Where to Start (+ free video training)

Over the past few months, I've been sharing some online strategies for growing your holistic health business, including why I deleted my $10,000 website, why blogging is the #1 biz building strategy you need to be doing, why you need a brand instead of a pretty logo, and 3 ways to grow your e-mail newsletter list.

It occurred to me the other day that I didn't start at the beginning! Here I am talking about some of the advanced strategies that I've been using when most of you don't even know where to start. That all changes today.

Before you can blog, before you design a pretty logo, and before you start building your e-mail newsletter list, you need a website where all those things can live!

It's like buying a new couch, new appliances, and a beautiful area rug, and not having a home to put them all in.

Your website is a digital representation of you, your business, and your holistic health practice. It's where new people who are virtually meeting you for the first time decide in under 10 seconds if they like you or not. No pressure.

How do you even go about setting up your website? You need 3 things:

3 things your blog needs to have to guarantee newsletter opt-ins (+ free video training)

3 things your blog needs to have to guarantee newsletter opt-ins (+ free video training)

When I started my business as a holistic nutritionist, there was no one doing regular blogging to build their businesses unless they were really techy. No Facebook pages or private groups. No Instagram, Periscope, or Pinterest. I'm sitting here wondering what the hell I did with all my free time!?

But there was e-mail marketing, which I wasn't doing until 2011. Even then, I wasn't doing it seriously until 2013.

I started tracking my newsletter numbers (along with all my other social media numbers) on March 18, 2013. I had 238 e-mail newsletter subscribers, 211 Facebook likes, and wasn't on Pinterest or Instagram.

As of today (February 23, 2016), I have 3,137 e-mail newsletter subscribers, 1375 Facebook fans, 984 followers on Pinterest, and 760 on Instagram.

The only number that matters is the e-mail newsletter subscribers, for reasons which I already talked about ad nauseam in another blog post (click here to read it, plus get a free blog planner with an entire years' worth of blog post ideas!), so I won't repeat here.

In that article, I talked about why the #1 non-negotiable activity to grow your biz is blogging + the newsletters you send from those blogs, but how do you actually get people to opt-in to your newsletter list from those blog posts?

It comes down to 2 things ...