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Free Calm Mom Challenge

Learn how to nourish your body, savor silence like it’s the last cupcake on earth, and rediscover the cucumber-cool woman you were pre-mommyhood.

It’s like sprinkling big sighs and calm-inducing pixie dust on your life.

Whether you


⇢ Feel like a ticking time bomb as soon as you walk in the door after work

⇢ Your energy and libido have totally flat-lined

⇢ Showering comes in at #24 on your to-do list (or just all. the. dry shampoo 😂)

⇢ Sitting down is usually accompanied by a toddler climbing you like a jungle gym

⇢ You count that $5 daily Starbucks latte as a personal indulgence

⇢ You forget what it feels like to pee in frickin’ peace


One thing’s for sure:


You’re a busy mama who’s got too much piled on her plate.

(And you’re not the only one.)


Introducing the 30 Day Calm Mom Challenge

It’s the permission slip you’ve been waiting for to take 5 minutes out of your day for just breathe. It’s your escape plan from the constant insanity that IS mommyhood.

And it’s your new mantra for mental peace: Serenity now, Frank Costanza-style.

I’ve designed this 30 day challenge for you because just a few years ago, I literally couldn’t get off the couch because I was so weighed down by my responsibilities, anxiety, and depression. I know that as moms, we sometimes try to balance everything on our shoulders. And it feels like if someone poked us in passing, it could all just come crashing down around us.

We've all been overwhelmed in this crazy journey, and yet we still feel alone.

I want to change that.
Free Calm Mom Challenge
Free Calm Mom Challenge

That’s why when you sign up for the challenge, I’ll hook you up with 30 days of self-care missions (so you can actually crack open a book that doesn’t involve Dumb Dora), a few recipes to feed your soul and tummy, and a generous helping of inspiration for living an ease-filled life — all delivered straight to yo’ inbox!

Over the course of 30 days, I’ll share with you some of the bite-sized happiness practices that I noticed creating BIG upward shifts on my joy meter with minimal effort.

For me, it was really just a natural, slow process (kind of like when your kids sprout 2 inches and you don’t even realize until they put on a pair of old pants that now look like capris). But I know you don’t have any time for dilly-dallying your way to bliss, so I’m going to make it rain happiness on your life in just 30 days.

And because you’ve got real life to contend with, I’ve folded realistic expectations into these challenges.

(Read: I won’t ask you to roll out of bed at 5:30 am to do yoga. But I may ask you to go and buy yourself some better-than-sex tasting chocolate and not share a single square of it, if that’s cool with you.)

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