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Are you ready for all the awesomeness to come?


You're all prepped and ready to go, so let's officially launch your doTERRA business!

First things first, just like Stage #1, is to download the Launch Checklist 👉🏻 (just click on the image).

Always remember that there are no shortcuts in this business, and the checklist is designed to include all the activities to get your business up and running with the most momentum and least amount of stress.

Don't skip any steps! It's kind of like a credit card: you might have the money to spend now (ie. it might feel like you're still starting quickly) but you'll end up having to pay it back eventually when your business slows or even comes to a grinding halt.

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For this Launch stage, we're also going to refer to the Launch guide from Share Success. This program is recommended by doTERRA to get your biz up and running, and is highly duplicatable. The key to success in any network marketing business is to ask the question: can other people duplicate this easily?

The Share Success program is a fantastic example of this. They have beautifully designed and easy-to-follow guides that are free to download and print, and, most importantly, are already done for you! The more we can all take advantage of these tools, the faster all our businesses will grow.

Share Success Launch website.jpg

Click here to download your free version of the Share Success Launch Your Business guide, and then click on the "Download" button.


Share success "PIPES" system


On Page 4 of the Share Success Launch guide you're introduced to the PIPES acronym, which is going to be our map for the rest of this Stage 2: Launch training and the next Stage 3: Multiply training.

The acronym stands for:

P - Prepare
I -  Invite
P - Present
E - Enroll
S - Support

This Stage 2: Launch training will focus on the first 4 steps, PIPE, with heavy emphasis on Presenting and learning how to teach a kick ass class. This Stage 2: Launch will get you to the rank of Elite.

Stage 3: Multiply will focus on the last S, support, and will be focused on growing you from the rank of Elite to Silver by supporting others who want to build their own doTERRA business.

SS Launch guide page 4 PIPES.png


Before we really jump into the Stage 2 training, there are a few small things to complete to make sure your doTERRA business starts running as smoothly as possible. Complete each of the 3 activities below, with the optional 4th one, and make sure to check off the box on your checklist!

Set up doTERRA replicated website.png

1. Set up your doTERRA replicated website (online store)

Click here for the steps to follow to add your photo and bio to your doTERRA store. This store link is what you can send people to so that they can purchase and enroll through you.


2. Complete your direct deposit form

In many countries, you have the option to be paid your commissions directly into a bank account. This is much faster than waiting for a cheque to be mailed, as commissions are usually deposited within 48 hours of being calculated.

Click below for the direct deposit form for your country:

- Canada (click here for english, and click here for french)
- United States
- Australia

For all other countries, click here and then click on your country for a list of all available forms and resources.

Biz building spreadsheet.png

3. Download the Team EOL Biz Building Spreadsheet

Once you start sampling and connecting with people, and your team starts growing as you start enrolling your friends and family, you're going to quickly realize that things can get out. of. control. What did you sample your aunt? Wild orange? Or was it Deep Blue?

Our Team EOL Biz Building Spreadsheet is the quickest way to track everything to do with your doTERRA biz in one place.


Click here to access the spreadsheet, and then watch the video below that shows you:

- how to make your own copy
- how to track all of your samples
- how to move people into warm leads (i.e. ready to buy!)
- how to track all of your team numbers and figure out if it's time to rank up


*OPTIONAL* 4. Daily mentor program

When you're part of doTERRA, you're part of the most incredible company with support and mentorship from the top down. Kyle and Kierston Kirschbaum, one of our Presidential Diamond uplines, have a daily business mentor program that is free to take part in.

Filling your mind with positive messages and inspiration everyday will raise your belief level so that you can grow your business faster!

It's super simple to join this program:

- if you're in the US, text MENTOR to 77453
- if you're in Canada or International, click here

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Your Why + Goals

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Getting really clear on your why and your goals with doTERRA is absolutely key to making sure you don't quit when the going gets tough. Your why will carry you through those days when you say to yourself "I don't know if I can do this anymore!". It's your lighthouse and the gas in your tank, and there isn't anyone else you can truly motivate you because it comes from within.

It takes time to dig underneath the surface to figure out what really motivates you. Most of us can quickly come up with at least one simple reason of why we're doing this, but really taking the time to examine the different core values and truths behind that reason will help you to stay focused when you're being pulled in a million different directions.

Click on and print off the "My Why" worksheet and complete it to the best of your abilities! Know that your why will evolve the longer you're involved with your business, so don't worry if you feel some shifts happening over the next few months as your heart gets cracked open with all the people you're going to help.


Now that you're really clear on why you're going to stick with your doTERRA business through thick and thin, it's time to set some real goals!

⇢ Goal setting is the hallmark of all successful people ⇠


If you don't know where you want to end up, navigating the way there is going to be that much harder.


The first goal for most people doing a doTERRA business is the rank of Elite. This means that between yourself and everyone else who has ordered on your team in one calendar month (including new enrollments, LRP orders, one-time orders and retail orders), you all total 3,000 PV.

An average Elite will make between $150 to $300 US each month.


Elite is a cornerstone rank in doTERRA as it's what makes up the base of a Silver, Platinum, Diamond, and Presidential Diamond rank. Once you know how to get to elite, you can teach others get to do the same thing, and will be able to reach the rank of Silver and beyond (average income $2,200 US per month and up). *Don't worry if this doesn't make any sense right now, we'll be diving more in depth into ranks and the compensation plan later.*


Print off pages 6 and 7 of the Share Success Launch guide, and fill out page 6 by yourself. Then, work with your doTERRA business mentor to complete the Elite Planner on page 7 to achieve your goal of getting to Elite by a certain date.

Elite planner transparent.png

In January 2017, I recorded a video in our private Team Extraordinary Life Biz Builders Facebook group breaking down month-by-month how to go from starting your business to a Silver rank in 1 year.

It's entirely doable, and many have done it (I was Silver in 4 months).

This video has gotten amazing feedback in multiple groups, so I wanted to share it here. If you know that you want to hit Elite in 3 months, and then possibly continue building to a Silver rank after that, feel free to watch it and discuss with your mentor!


100 Contacts List


Now that you know when you want to hit Elite, you have to figure out who you're going to share doTERRA's amazing products with to get you there! Maybe you already have a great network of people who are primed to love doTERRA, and maybe you have a small network of people who aren't yet interested in natural solutions. Either way, you're going to do an exercise that we like to call the "100 Contacts List".


Warning: I've mentored people who skip this exercise in the beginning of their doTERRA business (or just do it half-ass), and it always comes back to bite them in the butt months down the road.


Don't just make a mental list of all your possibly interested people, actually take the the time to write them all down and prioritize them. We're going to put a plan into action in the next step, but for now you need to do some major brainstorming and move people's names from your brain to paper or spreadsheet.

Pick if you want to complete the exercise by the paper-based method or the electronic spreadsheet method below, and get to work listing everyone in your network who you know would love or benefit from hearing about and experiencing doTERRA.



  1. Click here to open the Share Success Build guide, and print pages 7 and 8.
  2. List 100 contacts in your network by writing their name under the appropriate category (family, friends, community, other).
  3. For each person, check the star that best applies to them to identify them as a customer, sharer, or builder.
  4. Open your Share Success Launch guide to page 8 and follow step #2 to identify possible builders.
  5. Follow step #3 on page 8 of the Share Success Launch guide to move your top 50 prospects to the Success Tracker on page 9. Every time you interact with any of these prospects, record it on that tracker.


  1. Open your copy of the Team EOL Biz Builders spreadsheet.
  2. List 100 contacts in your network by typing their names under the appropriate category (family, friends, community, other) plus any other notes about them in the box to the right of their name.
  3. For each person, highlight their name and change the text colour to identify them as a customer, sharer, or builder.
  4. Open your Share Success Launch guide to page 8 and follow step #2 to identify possible builders. Use the cell highlight function, and highlight possible builders with bright yellow.
  5. Follow step #3 on page 8 of the Share Success Launch guide to identify your top 50 prospects. Highlight the cell and change the text to bold.
  6. As you sample and invite these contacts, track them in the appropriate month's record in your spreadsheet.
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Share the Experience


Now that you have a list of people who you want to share doTERRA with, it's time to start inviting them to fall in love with doTERRA's amazing essential oils just like you did! So how do you do that? It's simple:




So how do you actually do that? With giving them samples to try OR inviting them to an educational opportunity, like an essential oils class or a one-on-one session. In a perfect world, introducing someone new to doTERRA would look like this:


Sample (put oils on)

Invite to class or one-on-one

Attend class or one-on-one (put more oils on)

Follow up (if they didn't enroll at the class or one-on-one)



Remember that the above sequence is in an ideal world, and it doesn't always go that perfectly. However, if you can strive to follow the steps above, you'll have much more success with people enrolling with you in a shorter period of time.


In our noisy, social media and ads saturated world, it now takes an average of 16 touches with someone before they've built enough trust to buy from you! The most important part of sampling and inviting is to follow up, follow up, follow up.


If you have no plan to follow up with someone after you share a sample with them, it's like throwing money into the garbage that you spent on sample vials, oils, printing, paper, and postage, not to mention your time.

Don't let sampling be a waste!


Step-by-Step for Easy Sampling


#1 Finding people to sample


Sometimes giving out essential oil samples feels easy, and sometimes it feels like a chore. I get it! There are lots of ways to find people to offer essential oil samples to, and you don't have to do all of these at the same time. Follow these steps to find people to offer samples to:

A) Your "100 Contacts List"

These are people you already have a relationship with, so they're usually the easiest to start a conversation with and invite to a class.

Start with your top 50 prospects from your master list, especially if you think they might be a future builder. Even people who eventually will build a doTERRA business with you need to start out using the oils themselves.

There's no right or wrong way to reach out to someone, so I encourage you to write something from the heart about your own experience with doTERRA's oils, but here's an example if you're stuck:

## Click here for a script "Hey [name], how are you?! I'm reaching out to you today to ask you something special. I've recently begun using doTERRA essential oils, and they've been a total game changer for my and my family's health. We use them for everything from [insert your fave ways to use them here, like headaches, upset stomach, stress, eczema, joint pain, sleep, etc].

I remember chatting to you about how you/your child has been suffering from [certain health issue].
I know you're fairly into natural solutions, and if you haven't tried doTERRA's essential oils yet, I know you will love them!

Are you interested in trying a free sample? I'd love to send you a package of oily love to experience them for yourself! Would that be OK?"

If they reply that they're interested in a free sample, ask them what their top 3 health issues are, and let them know that you'll put together a personalized sample package just for these health issues.

B) Be an example of the oils

This is a short and simple tip from Presidential Diamond Brianne Hovey which I love.

If you're using your oils in public, don't be surprised if people ask you about them!

If you're hanging out with a friend or family member and use your oils, ask them if they'd like to try it. They'll probably start asking you about why you're using them, usually leading to a great conversation.

If you don't have samples on you, ask them if it would be OK to send them a free sample for their top health issues, and get their contact information (cell phone to text or call, or email).

P.S. don't give them your info to follow up with you, you get their contact info. While people might be excited in the moment that they're with you, people get busy. They might put your card or info aside and forget to even use the sample.

By collecting their contact info, you are in complete control of making sure they are followed up with.


c) Social media post

Putting up a post on social media is a great way to expand your network, especially if people tag their friends or family. However, it's not always as easy as posting "Who wants a free sample of essential oils?". Remember that if someone isn't into a natural lifestyle or hasn't tried essential oils before, they'll have no idea why you would even want to try them.

Try and tell a story about why you use essential oils (keep it compliant with the info at the end of this Invite section below), and then invite them to comment or message you for their own sample. Here's an example of how I post about free samples on social media 👉🏻.

Again, once they've indicated they want a sample, reply back and ask them what their top 3 health issues are so that you can gift them with oils that will be the most helpful for their life and health instead of just picking 3 oils that you think they might like.

Click here if you're looking for some pretty pictures to use on a sampling post if you don't have any that you've taken yourself (like the big oils box that you see on my post, people LOVE that picture!).

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.52.35 PM.png

*Note on social media posts: sometimes people just see free stuff and want it without having any intention of actually using it, which means you've wasted your time and money on a sample. If you find that this is the case, I would recommend sending them a little test. Once you've ask them what their top health issues are, I'd pick a short, relevant video from doTERRA's YouTube channel (click here) and ask them to watch it. If they can't even watch a 2 minute video and reply, chances are slim that they'll invest the time to use your sample and give you feedback.

Here's how I ask them to watch the video:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.27.09 PM.png

NO REPLY = NO SAMPLE. Feel free to put a reminder in your calendar a few days following your request to ask them if they've had a chance to watch the video yet. If they don't reply at that point, move onto the next person!


D) The creep method

You might follow people on social media who already appear to have thriving businesses in the area of health and wellness who you know would love these oils ... but you don't have a direct relationship with them. You've been following them for awhile and you've never seen them post about essential oils or doTERRA. So how do you reach out to them without feeling creepy?

First things first, create some sort of relationship with them so that they recognize your name. Like their pictures, retweet them, comment on their posts or blog posts, and you might even want to show up to a live webinar or Facebook live and ask them questions. Do this for a few weeks before you take the next step, which is to directly message them.

Now, you don't just cold message them, as that will feel salesy. That's why we start interacting with them before we directly message them! Once you feel like you've created some sort of relationship, you have to take a deep breath, maybe have a glass of wine to calm the nerves (or a deep inhale of wild orange or lavender), and send them a message. Here's what I've sent a cold contact before on Instagram 👈🏻, which turned into a successful conversation back and forth and an interest in essential oils AND the business.

Know that this sort of sampling isn't always successful. People who run health and wellness business are approached in an icky way on a regular basis, so they might lump you in with the rest of the other company reps. That's OK! Don't take it personally, and move onto the next person. This also shouldn't be your primary sampling method, you should be focusing on your personal network first where you'll have much greater success.


#2 Preparing the sample


Now that you've got a list of people to send samples to, how do you actually prepare the sample?! Watch the training video below to show you how to prepare your samples, what shipping options are the cheapest, and what to include in the sample package. Then click the links below the video to get access to the sampling letter, tear pads, and other sampling info.


Done for you resources:



Before you send your sample off, make sure to record the details on your Biz Building spreadsheet or preferred method of organization for your doTERRA business. Make sure to record:

- Name
- What oils you sampled them


I like to take this a step further and put a reminder in my calendar for 2-3 days from when they received the sample to follow up with them. Life gets busy, and sometimes weeks pass before I follow up (hey, no one's perfect!)!! By then, the newness of the oils has usually worn off.

⇢ Better to strike when the iron is hot, and what gets scheduled gets done! ⇠


Following up + Inviting


Like I wrote above, sampling is a complete waste of time and money if you don't follow up! People are busy, and they sometimes have to be reminded to use the oils you lovingly prepared for them. This is usually unknown territory for them (i.e. healthcare in the form of natural solutions), and if they don't know what the next step is, very few people will outright ask how they can get more info.


Just like with everything else, there are super effective and less effective ways of following up with people who have received samples from you. Over time you'll develop the method that works best for you.

The steps below have evolved over the last 2.5 years, and have been working very well for converting people to get started with their own membership:


*Note: There's no one right way to sample, follow up, and invite to classes. Check out pages 10 and 11 in the Share Success Launch Your Biz guide for more ideas.


#1 Schedule class dates


Before you follow up with someone, you need to know when you'll be teaching next so you can include it in the message. You have a much better chance of getting someone started in doTERRA if you invite them to a class!

We don't expect everyone to teach the same amount of classes, it's based on the speed of business you chose from Stage #1.  In the beginning, these classes will all be hosted by yourself at your house. From there, the goal is to book a class from a class, with others hosting for you the majority of the time going forward.

💎 Diamond tip 💎: After you get started, I highly recommend that you self-host at least one class a month so you always have something to invite people to.



2 classes in your first month
(1 weeknight, 1 weekend)



4 classes in your first month
(2 weeknights, 2 weekends)



6 classes in your first month
(4 weeknights, 2 weekends)


Look at the next calendar month right now and:

  1. Choose the dates for your first classes.
  2. Write them down on your Stage 2 checklist.
  3. Tell your doTERRA upline/business mentor.

In most cases, your upline will be coming out to help you with your first class, so don't worry, you won't be left on your own (unless you want to be) to figure all of this out!


#2 Follow up message


Now for the scary part ... sending the follow up message! It's surprising how hard this step is for many people, but that's totally normal. This follow up message should be sent 48-72 hours after they've received their samples. Any longer and they tend to get lost in the shuffle of life. Copy and paste this script if you're not sure what to say:

Hey [name], how are you?! I'm following up to see what your experience has been with the [oil #1], [oil #2], and [oil #3] essential oils that I sent you? I'm so excited to hear about it how it's going for your [health issues you sampled them for]!

Depending on what their response is, click on the message below that matches their response to keep the conversation going:

## They love the oils Hooray, they love their oils and they worked for whatever health issues they wanted to use them for! This is the best case scenario. Validate their experience with a positive message, like:

*Awesome, I knew they would work for you! I'm so glad that you love them, too :)*
## Oils didn't work There are so many different oils for different health issues, and sometimes the particular oils you chose might not work the best for certain people. Offer to prepare another sample for them like this:

*So sorry the oils I gave you didn't work for your [health issue]. Essential oils work differently for each person, and I'd love to get you a sample of a different oil. I'll prepare it and drop it off by [date]. How does that sound?*
## Mr or Mrs. Skeptical Sometimes the samples you give out totally works for someone, but they're still super skeptical of this "crazy witchcraft" you sent them. I like to address their concerns right away like this:

*I'm so glad that the essential oils worked for you! When I first got started, I didn't believe there was actually a solution that was so easy, either. In fact, I tried really hard to prove them wrong! Now that I've done my research on the science of essential oils and how they work in the body, I'm so glad that I didn't ignore this amazing tool that I use everyday.*
## The no reply Sometimes (or lots of the time) people just won't reply to your first follow up. How rude, LOL! The fact is that people are busy, and they either forget to use the samples right way OR they're embarrassed that they haven't tried them yet when they said they would. I like to diffuse their concerns like this:

*Hey [name], I'm still excited to hear how those essential oils have worked for you! I know that people can get busy, no worries on that, but the oils are only magic if you use them. I'm know that you'll get almost instant relief from your [health issue] after you try them! I'll follow up again by [week's end, end of the weekend]. Let me know if you have any questions :)*

If they still don't respond and you have phone number, I call them. It's harder to ignore a phone call! If you don't have a phone number, repeat the first quick follow up message you sent at 48 hours a week later, then two weeks later, then stop with these particular follow up messages (check under the 'Inviting to a class' section below on what to send).

#3 Invite to a class


Now that you've done everything in your power to make sure they've already had a good experience of using doTERRA's oils and have personal feedback, now is the time to invite them to a class! Classes are the best way to get people to purchase, followed by a one-on-one, because they get fully educated on why they should use specifically doTERRA's oils (instead of going to their local health food store and getting a crappy quality version) and allllll the ways they can use the top 10 oils. A real shift in health happens not when a person buys just one oil, but invests in the lifestyle and purchases a kit.


Classes also add social proof, especially if people other than you share their success stories from using doTERRA's products.

There's safety in numbers!


That being said, meeting with people one-on-one is still super effective, as long as you're continuing the conversation about their whole life health, not just one oil for one health issue. There's nothing wrong with someone purchasing a membership with just 1 or 2 oils, but so many people who do that end up giving us feedback that they wish they would have started with a kit.

Here's how I invite to a class depending on the conversation we've been having (continued from above):

## They love the oils These people tend to love coming to classes, and it doesn't take too much convincing other than giving them some dates! Here's what you can send them:

*I'm having a class at my house that covers the top 10 oils and exactly how you can use them for you and your family's health. It's the fastest and easiest way to learn! Does [date #1] or [date #2] work for you?*

If neither of those dates works for them, offer to meet one-on-one:

*We can meet together next week at a time that works for you. How about [date] at [time]?*
## Oils didn't work Hopefully the second sample worked for them, and then you can send a message to invite them like in the "They love the oils" section. If not, feel free to send this over to them:

*There are so many different essential oils and they work differently in everybody. Many people find it super helpful to attend an essential oils class where they can experience my entire collection and learn all about the top 10 most useful essential oils. It's the fastest and easiest way to learn! Does [date #1] or [date #2] work for you?*

If neither of those dates works for them, offer to meet one-on-one:

*We can meet together next week at a time that works for you. How about [date] at [time]?*
## Mr or Mrs. Skeptical Since this person is so skeptical, classes are the perfect place for them to see that others have had the same experience that you have had with these oils, as well as to learn more about the science behind them. Try sending this message over:

*I'm having an essential oil class at my house on [date #1] or [date #2]. We're going to be diving in depth into the science of essential oils and specifically why they work in the body. I think this would be right up your alley! Does either of those dates work for you?*

If neither of those dates works for them, offer to meet one-on-one:

*We can meet together next week at a time that works for you. How about [date] at [time]?*
## The no reply Even if someone doesn't reply to my messages or phone calls when I send them a sample, I still like to invite them to classes every now and then. They might surprise you and actually show up! Send a super casual message like this over to them once a month or so:

*Hey [name], I know that we haven't touched base on the samples I sent over to you, but I wanted to let you know that I'm having an essential oils class at my house on [date] at [time]. It's the fastest and easiest way to learn about how to use doTERRA's essential oils, and we'll be covered exactly how to use the top 10 oils for the most common health issues. Just wanted to let you know! Let me know if you need the address.*



In Canada and the US, there are specific things we can and cannot say about our oils in public forums, like on social media and public broadcasts like webinars and Facebook live videos on your personal timeline.

Please click here and read through the relevant information for your country before you start sharing on social media.

Note that while we try to keep things fairly compliant at in-person classes, that there's a little more flexibility in how you can share how you use your oils (as long as you're sure there's no one at the class who works for Health Canada or the FDA 😉).


If you're growing your doTERRA business outside of US and Canada, you don't need to worry about compliance! However, I would still stay away from making specific disease claims on social media or your website.

Present banner.png

Teaching Kickass Classes


There comes a time when, even though you're scared out of your mind, you've just got to start teaching classes! I remember how I felt teaching my first class: like I didn't know enough, I wasn't an expert, who am I to share this important information with my closest friends and family members. We've all felt that way, and I sometimes still feel like that!


So take a deep breath, maybe a huff of wild orange, and settle in for the most in-depth training I've ever done on how to teach an Essential Oil 101 class! I've attempted to duplicate my classes in videos to show you how I share my love of these bottles of magic. My classes are by no means perfect (no one's are!), but this is a great starting place for your own version that will evolve over the coming months and years.


Feeling nervous is a good sign that you really care about what you're doing. THAT'S A GOOD THING!


Stress-Less Classes

Believe it or not, how you get organized for a class matters. If it's stressful and annoying getting ready for them, you won't want to do them as often. And if you arrive at classes as a hot mess, people are going to pick up on that.

Over 2.5 years and around 200 oils classes, my system for preparing for classes has changed so much! The following videos show you the easiest and least stressful way of getting ready for your classes:


doTERRA's class in-a-box is available in your back office under Shop > Kits > Leadership kits.

So far, class in-a-box is available in Canada and the US, and in Australia it's called the Empower kit (does not include the 10 Living magazines as of Spring 2017).


The products I refer to are by the company ThirtyOne as follows:

- Large Utility Tote
- Stand Tall Insert
- Littles Carry-All Caddy
- Fold N' File
- Zipper Pouch

The above links connect you to an existing consultant's store, so if you know someone who sells ThirtyOne who you would like to support with your business, please reach out to them.


Class handouts to put in the reusable folders are as follows:

- Top 10 oils handout (editable with room for you to add your info at the bottom)
- Top 10 oils usage page (last page of the folder unless you're going to make your own LRP info page)
- Class draw slips

Price + enrollment lists.png

For the most up-to-date price lists and enrollment kits for your country, go to your back office to your Shop tab, then look for the "Product List" and "Enrollment Kit List" buttons above the LRP widget. For those of us who can order from the US and our own local warehouse, toggle the buttons below the country flag and name to get the other countries price list and enrollment kits.

Pick the country first, then click on the product list or enrollment kits. The document will then open in a new window.


Teaching Classes!

Class are the mainstay of building your doTERRA business, and you're going to have to do your first one eventually. Ideally, your business mentor/upline is helping you teach at least your first class, but if your upline doesn't live locally OR you just want to jump in and do the first one yourself, the following 7 videos break down each section of our Essential Oil 101 classes (i.e. the top 10 oils class).


99% of the classes you teach will be this EO 101 version, so the quicker you master it, the quicker your business will grow.


The same info can be covered in one-on-one's or webinars, so if you don't plan on teaching classes right away, watch the following videos anyways to get a handle on how we share this sometimes complicated information in the easiest way possible.

Print off the Essential Oil 101 Outline checklist 👉🏻 as something to follow along while you watch these videos and teach your first few classes.

EO 101 class outline transparent.png

Successfully Closing Classes

Although video #6 above went into details of closing a class and sharing the enrollment kits, this can be a tricky part of the class (or one-on-one) to master. The following 2 videos can help you further master closing classes and overcoming common objections:

video Block
Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more
video Block
Double-click here to add a video by URL or embed code. Learn more

The 6 key questions to close are also listed on page 15 of the Share Success Launch your Business guide.

Enroll banner.png

Enrolling + Supporting Your Peeps

A HUGE congratulations! You've probably done your first class or one-on-one, and now you've got to actually enroll someone and support them on their wellness journey. So what next? This is the beginning of your pipeline, and everything going forward is focused on continuing to educate your Wholesale Customers (WC's) AND anyone else who wants to do this business journey with you (called Wellness Advocates, or WA's for short).

First things first is enrolling them into the doTERRA system, and then we'll move into how you support them with our amazing community and personal support you're going to provide them.


How to Enroll


The following video show you exactly how to enter your new customer into the doTERRA system as either a WC or a WA. It also shows you how to navigate enrolling people in countries that have access to purchasing from a local warehouse in local dollars as well as the international warehouse in US dollars.

Click on the image to access the training, and the password for is "enrol".


You'll get the hang of enrolling fairly quickly, so you'll probably only have to refer to this video for your first few people.


Welcoming New Enrollments

Anyone new to doTERRA, whether they're only interested in using the products or they're interested in building their own doTERRA business, needs to know how to use their oils. Properly welcoming new enrollments is a big determining factor in how quickly you build your pipeline and monthly volume.

Use the steps below to take with each new enrollment to welcome them to doTERRA and continue their oils education:


#1 Welcome email


Within 48 hours of enrolling someone new as a WC or WA, send them our team welcome email. Click here to access our welcome email template.

⇢ The template is in my voice, so feel free to play around with it until it feels good to you ⇠


Also note that the template sends them to our Extraordinary Life Facebook group and resource page on our team website (password is "letmein"). In the beginning, it's going to be easier for you to duplicate the resources we already have by sending them to these team info pages. Going forward, I will be providing a ton of support with periodic prizes and giveaways.


Once you reach higher ranks like Premier, Silver, and above, you might be ready to create your own resources, which I fully endorse!

Creating your own team culture is valuable, however, don't waste time in the beginning re-creating the wheel unless you're prepared to invest tens or hundreds of hours.


#2 Invite to wellness consult


Many people feel overwhelmed when they leave a class, and they have all. the. information floating around in their heads and scrawled all over their class notes. They know they need these oils, otherwise they wouldn't have bought them, but likely they don't really have a plan of action for starting to use them on an everyday basis. Enter the wellness consult, which I call an "Intro to oils" session.


In an ideal world, everyone who you enroll would spend 30 minutes with you to get personal recommendations on how to use the oils they bought for their specific health issues.


When you have a wellness consult with a new user, the chances of them starting on LRP is much higher than someone left to figure everything out on their own. The way that I invite new enrollees to wellness consults has changed over the last few years, and I've finally figured out a system to get the most people to get on the phone for me for their 30 minutes.


After emails going back and forth, using a calendar system, and just sending them a pre-recorded video, I now use the script below to book my wellness consults. My success rate for people getting on the phone with me has gone from 30-40% up to about 70%, with many more people starting on LRP right from the beginning of their membership.

## Wellness Consult Invitation Script Email subject line: Intro to oils [30 minutes one-on-one with me]

Email content:

Hey Anna,

Ok, I just sent you an email where I put together some of my favourite oil resources for you :)

I'm so excited for you to receive your oils! I offer everyone a free 30-min oils consult by phone to really help you integrate your oils (once they arrive of course!). We'll be putting together a plan to use the oils you purchased for YOUR top 3 health issues to get you feeling great ASAP.

Would [day of the week], [date] work? You should have your oils by then.

To make sure I've reserved time for you, I've booked you in for [time] on [date].

If this doesn't work for you, please reply to this email so we can find something else that does.


If I haven't heard anything back from the person, like a "sounds great, talk then!", I send another email 1-2 days before to confirm that we're on for the pre-scheduled time. This cuts down on me calling and the person having no idea why!

Don't be offended if everyone doesn't book a time with you, especially when you're first enrolling close friends or family. Some people only see you as you, not an expert in anything wellness! Over time, they'll start to see you as a wealth of knowledge, so just keep that path of communication open with them and let them know that you're happy to book 30 minutes with them whenever they need it or are ready.


#3 Wellness consult


Now that you've got a scheduled time with your new WC or WA, it's time to give the actual wellness consult! Don't panic, you are mostly helping them with basic resources they will need to know to use their oils.

Your job is to empower them to find the answers for themselves, so don't be afraid to refer them to the Modern Essentials Usage Guide or app, or The Essential Life book. Tell them where they can purchase these resources for themselves, and let them know where you learned the information you're going to teach them.


Empowered users who know where to get answers for themselves will lead to much less time and stress as your team grows by leaps and bounds!

Watch this video 👈🏻 for a general overview of how I do my wellness consults.

As always, feel free to try new things and tweak this template to what feels good to you! This is your business, you can do it however you want!!!


Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is the hardest thing you will have to wrap your head around as you grow your doTERRA business. Know that you don't have to understand this right away. In fact, you won't! Your upline is going to mentor you through placements of your enrollments to maximize the commissions you're going to receive.


As you move through the ranks, your understanding of the compensation plan will deepen.

This is because the best way to truly learn and understand something is to DO it.


You will learn about each new rank as you master your current rank and prepare for the next rank, as well as when you start to lead others through their own business building journey.

You'll know that you 100% understand the compensation plan when you can explain it to others.

3 arrows pointing down transparent.png

Click here for a basic overview of the compensation plan, and review any questions with your upline

3 arrows pointing up.png



After you enroll someone, you have 14 days to decide where you want them to "live" in your doTERRA business structure. This is a BIG topic and is what your upline will be helping the most with, so (again) don't worry if you don't understand this right now.

Watch the following video 👉🏻 on the basics of placements, and discuss any questions with your upline, especially on a case-by-case basis for enrollments.


You've done it!

If you've gotten through ALL these lessons in the Stage 2 training program, you're well on your way to the rank of Elite!!! By now your checklist should have all the boxes ticked 🙌🏻.

If it does, you're ready to move onto Stage 3: Multiply. Click the button below to get started.

If you're not quite there yet, go back to your sampling and inviting, and hold more classes. Keep enrolling and supporting those users until you hit your goal. Work with your upline to strengthen the skills that might be holding you back.