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Take it to the next level!


You're here because you've worked your way through the Stage #1 and #2 of building your doTERRA biz, so MAJOR props for that! Do you know how hard it is to stay consistent and focused in this day and age?

Now you're ready to multiply your business with other builders and you want to learn how to lead and mentor them. This is a big step!

You're becoming a true leader, and this can be a messy but glorious process.

Stage #3 is a bit different, because it's not a "just follow these steps" kind of process.

Why not? Because this next level involves self development, finding out what works for you, and deciding what strategies YOU want to use in your biz.

During this Stage #3 biz training, you can start at the top here and work your way down, or feel free to pick and choose to learn from the sections that are most useful to you right now.



You'll develop as a mentor and leader
the more that you mentor and lead others.


Take what you need from this stage, when you need it. It might not all apply to your business at the rank or level you're at now, but you'll find yourself coming back to reference these resources over and over again.

If there's a specific training or resource you'd like to request, click here to let us know.


This training will evolve as all of our businesses grow, so keep checking back for new ideas, strategies, and videos.



With each new rank, there are new skills, beliefs, and mindsets to master. You know what they say: new level, new devil. Since each rank is unique, doTERRA has provided rank guides through the Empowered Success training resources.

Stage #2 of our business training program guided you through the Launch guide with the goal of helping you reach Elite. As you're ready to start building to the next rank, click the matching rank specific resources below:



Below are several done-for-you resources in various formats. Feel free to duplicate everything, and no need to give credit back to Ashley or anyone else. These are team resources to share!




If you want to do webinars in your business but also want to save time, why not see if there are slides already made? You can use them as is, or make them your own by editing them. Duplicate away!

Click on the format below each webinar slide to download the webinar slides. For Google Slides, when the file opens, click on File > Make a Copy to copy the slides to your own Google Drive account (this will allow you to edit the files).

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Essential Oils for Nutritionists + Health Coaches

Google Slides || Keynote


Essential Oils for RMT's

Google Slides




Toolkits are documents or videos on specific topics, with tools like email scripts and other strategies. If you're looking for specific information to answer customer questions, or how to maximize promo's or BOGO's, these are the best places to start.

Click on the pictures or topics below to bring up the most up-to-date toolkit.



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HolFit toolkit icon.png


Feel free to share these resources with your customers!

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Rollerball recipes toolkit.png
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When you're working with customers, inevitably you'll come across some health issues that might require a little more in-depth support to bring it back into balance. Below you'll find my time-tested protocols for different health issues. Just click on the button to bring up the protocol in PDF form, then feel free to print off and share with your clients during their wellness consult.

Each protocol has a heavy and light version, depending on what the person is willing to invest time-wise, financially, and with their lifestyle. For more complex or chronic issues, use the "Re-Balance" column to help them map out the next 3 months of their LRP, and use the "Reduce the Symptoms" column when their health issues are more annoying than life-changing. You could also just put the person on the "Re-Balance" plan if they want to get rid of that particular problem sooner rather than later.




Tracking Expenses

Now that you've got a real business (as opposed to a hobby), you've got to track your expenses for write-offs! Watch the training video on my best tips and strategies for managing your doTERRA income and what you can (and can't) write off.

Click here for the free expense tracker that I show you how to use in the training.


How to Use the Detailed Genealogy Chart

Depending on if you love numbers or not, looking at your detailed genealogy chart in your back office can feel super overwhelming.

In this training I teach you how to use the Detailed Genealogy chart in ways you might have never heard about, including sorting the table and finding out your team's LRP percentage.


Understanding your Commissions

You're probably starting to get some commissions, and might be wondering how exactly it all works?

Or maybe you're wondering what you'll make as a Silver, Gold, Platinum? Is it really all worth it? Hint: it so is.

Watch this training for a detailed breakdown of commissions, including leadership pools and averages.

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Act, then Attract


So you're ready to find some builders to link arms beside you and do this together? Fantastic! You're probably thinking the age old question: so now what do I do?


Honestly, just like anything else in this business, there are NO secrets to finding builders. Seriously.


It's all about attracting others to notice what you're doing as you develop yourself (in your health and mindset) through your business journey.

That's it, that's all. How simple yet frustrating!


But I know that you want real, actionable steps, right? We've got you covered. Watch the videos below for strategies on finding builders, plus how to approach a conversation when someone asks you about the business.




Know that every person has their own way of finding builders. Some lead with the business conversation, and some prefer to let builders emerge from customers. Whatever way that feels good to you is best! Here are a few videos to get your imagination going:




When you finally approach someone about the business, or maybe someone even comes to you, what do you say? You probably want to vomit allllll the information about commission and ranks and actions and everything. But that confuses people, and confused people don't act.


Watch this video on how to use doTERRA's Build guide to lead the conversation when you meet with someone about the business at your house, your local coffee shop, or maybe even over a video call online.

The only thing to remember is to keep the conversation about them: their hopes and dreams. Their story and how doTERRA might fit into it.

People love to talk about themselves ... and to have someone actually listen.




In Stage #2, we covered some basic placement strategies when you're just getting started enrolling your first customers. But where do you place your first builders?


his training video covers much more advanced placement topics, like:

- ghost spots
- building casual builders to Premier the quickest
- getting fast builders to Silver and above the quickest
- secrets for going from Platinum ⇢ Blue Diamond
- stacking builders under builders (i.e. having back up qualifiers in each leg)
- buy-in amounts for Silver and up

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Multiply yourself, baby!


You found a builder? Amazing! This is one of the best parts of this business, seeing others start to have the same amount of success that you've experienced.

One of my greatest joys in this business aren't my own rank advances (although that feels pretty good), but seeing other builders on our team achieve their goals and lifelong dreams.

There's absolutely nothing like it!


However, learning how to lead and support builders is one of the last skills to master to hit the rank of Silver or above. People are messy. They don't think or act exactly like you, and everyone is motivated by something different.

To be honest, this is a skill I'm still working on myself, so expect this section to expand as my knowledge and experience grows. Let the training below be a jumping off point for your own leadership development.




So you've had a meeting about the business opportunity, and hooray, your new builder is on board! Now it's time to get your new builder started with the most momentum possible.


I use a 90-day plan to launch new builders. This allows me time to "test" them and make sure I'm placing them in the best spot possible for mine and their future success. Your front line spots are like million dollar property, and not everyone earns a spot there.

Watch this video for the steps to take when your new builders are getting started.




After your new builder starts, they'll probably want some 1-1 guidance from you, the person who's gone before them down this biz building path.

This might be the first time you've had to mentor someone (or not), and feelings of pressure, like you're supposed to know all the answers, might start running through your head.

Scary, right?


But what if I were to tell you that you actually DON'T need to know anything special to be an amazing mentor? Truth be told, I feel like I have so many more things to learn about mentoring my builders, and the best mentors aren't the ones who know everything ... they're the ones who help you to uncover what you already knew yourself.

Watch the video above for some tips when you start mentoring. 



Coming soon!