Natural remedies for coughs and colds

Natural remedies for coughs and colds

Can I just put out there what everyone already knows? Being sick with a cough or cold (or the dreaded flu) totally sucks, but especially when you're a mom. Oh, your entire body aches, your head feels like it's going to explode, and you're hacking up a lung? Yeah, well someone needs their butt wiped, which apparently takes precedence over everything else including the fact that you feel like you're dying.

Well, what if I told you that there are some kick-ass natural remedies for colds and coughs that work within minutes PLUS are way cheaper than dropping $20 on some over-the-counter cold medicine or cough syrup (that doesn't even work and you can't use on children anyways!).

I mean, yeah, in a perfect world we wouldn't be getting sick in the first place because we'd be eating whole foods, resting as much as our body was telling us to, and not drinking that rewarding glass of wine every night. But that's not real life! Well there's a natural remedy for preventing colds and coughs before they even start, but that's a whole other blog post.

Here's are my tried-and-true, tested on my family natural remedies for colds and coughs (including my 5-year-old who is usually patient zero for most of our sicknesses):

How to switch to clean beauty products

How to switch to clean beauty products

There are times when, as a busy woman, I get completely overwhelmed with everything that I'm supposed to care about on a daily basis. Packing my son's preservative-free lunch with something he'll actually eat (which is sometimes next to impossible), curating a beautiful yet mentally stimulating Instagram feed, making sure the toilet is clean, checking the pressure of my car tires and getting the oil changed (which I think is now 5,000 kms over the recommended mileage to do just that), and finally, deep breathing to reduce the stress I created with this list.

Then, there are lots of things that are a priority to me that might not be to other people like, let's say, my husband. Things like eating healthy, whole foods and keeping the kitchen clean after dinner. Those are non-negotiables to me.

Here's the wonderful thing when you start upgrading your healthcare: things that seemed really hard at first get easier the more you do them, leaving more mental room to up-level other things.

When we first brought our son home from the hospital and I started meal planning, I had to find the actual time to fit it in, but also the mental space to even consider it. Now, it's so automatic that it doesn't take the effort anymore, effort that can I put towards something else.

I learned lots of things in nutrition school that I wish I didn't know, but I can never unlearn them. Things about the food system in North America that made me want to alternately cry and never eat anything from the grocery store ever again. That's why I had to change the way I was eating first, because I couldn't willingly put processed foods and phood (fake foods) into my body anymore knowing what I knew.

Once I learned that in North America, personal care products are manufactured with over 10,500 chemicals where no pre-market safety testing is required, I couldn't feel safe using my regular skin care goodies anymore, either.

DIY air fresheners

DIY air fresheners

I remember being in University, living alone for the first time, and getting to shop for myself. I'd go up and down the aisles of the grocery store, buying Smarties ice cream for breakfast and microwavable dinners to take to school for my lunch breaks (and you wonder why I ended up with food allergies 😜).

One of my favourite things was the cleaning aisle, with it's dozens of different Glade candles and their delicious Tropical Getaway and Triple Berry scents. Real adults cook a lovely meal at home and light a wonderful smelly candle while they're studying for an exam, right?

Well, if I would have know what a chemical soup those candles were, I would have learned how to make DIY natural air fresheners years ago!

Now that I'm really a grown-up and am in charge of another human (my son, not my husband), I eat whole foods that are healthy, try and get off my butt every one in awhile and move my body, and use natural remedies for our everyday issues like colds, coughs, and pain.

I stopped using artificially scented air fresheners and candles almost 10 years ago when I went to nutrition school, but never really got into teaching my clients not to use them since I figured they didn't make that much of a difference in overall health. I'm a holistic nutritionist, after all, so changing their diet was always my primary focus.

Well, a few weeks while I was writing some emails, I was in the middle of writing the following line "not much scientific research has been done on artificial scents and fragrances, but I think we can all agree that they're not very good for us" when it occurred to me that I should *actually* try looking up any research.

Turns out, artificial air fresheners and candles are a scientifically verified chemical shit storm with the research to back it up.

I had no idea. No idea what toxic side effects a scented plug-in, candle, or wax warmer was having on households everyday.

What sort of toxic side effects? Let's take a look at the research, shall we?

How to Get Rid of Eczema

How to Get Rid of Eczema

Eczema tends to be rampant nowadays. Depending on the study, it's estimated that 10% of US adults suffers from some form of it. At it's best, eczema is annoying and slightly scratchy. At it's worst, you'll scratch until you're bleeding and potentially cause an infection, and steroid cream from the doctor or pharmacy does absolutely nothing to give you any relief. No bueno. No worries, though, I'm here to show you how to get rid of eczema because we were able to do just that with our toddler.

My son has super sensitive skin, which is how I figured out he might have a peanut allergy when he was only 6 months old. When we introduced food, he started having mild reactions with some skin redness to a few things, like eggs, but it wasn't bothersome and rarely lasted more than a few minutes.

Then, when he was about 2 years old, he got the Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus for the second time and developed a horrible red, itchy rash on the inside of elbows and behind his knees. At first it was the virus, but soon that went away and the rash didn't.

He would sit there and scratch through his pyjamas, put his hands down his pants and scratch the back of his knees until they bled. Try telling a 2-year-old to stop scratching and see how that goes 😖.

We took him to the doctor and we took him to the naturopath. We tried different things for about a year before we finally started seeing some improvement. But today? He's 5 years old and has been eczema free for over a year and a half.

No itching, no scratching, no heated arguments while trying to reason with a child. It's glorious.

Of course I had to share it because so many people keep asking me, so here are my top 4 ways on how to get rid of eczema that are 100% natural and were more effective than anything else I tried: