Strawberry watermelon popsicles (sugar free!)

Strawberry watermelon popsicles (sugar free!)

It's almost summer where I live, and with that comes ALL the treats! Campfires with s'mores, festivals with kettle corn and cotton candy, ice cream galore, and for my 5 1/2 year old son, popsicles. He's been obsessed with them since he was a baby, and most summer mornings he wakes up asking for one (he'll even do this in winter because he's crazy like that!). But I just can't turn a blind eye to how much sugar is in most store-bought popsicles!

I'm not going to beat a dead horse with all the scary details of sugar (you can click here to read my post about it), but no matter if they're "100% fruit" or not, I wanted to be able to make my own popsicles with whole fruits, fibre and all. The fibre slows down the sugar high, and makes sure my boy who tends towards getting hangry often (he totally takes after me!) can feel fuller, longer, and have less mood swings.

The thing with food labels is that what's on the label isn't always what's in the box. I know, how frustrating! Let's look at a real-world example.

Below are my son's favourite popsicles before we started making them at home (I'll share his favourite recipe below and how to make them in 10 minutes or less!).