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How to switch to clean beauty products

How to switch to clean beauty products

There are times when, as a busy woman, I get completely overwhelmed with everything that I'm supposed to care about on a daily basis. Packing my son's preservative-free lunch with something he'll actually eat (which is sometimes next to impossible), curating a beautiful yet mentally stimulating Instagram feed, making sure the toilet is clean, checking the pressure of my car tires and getting the oil changed (which I think is now 5,000 kms over the recommended mileage to do just that), and finally, deep breathing to reduce the stress I created with this list.

Then, there are lots of things that are a priority to me that might not be to other people like, let's say, my husband. Things like eating healthy, whole foods and keeping the kitchen clean after dinner. Those are non-negotiables to me.

Here's the wonderful thing when you start upgrading your healthcare: things that seemed really hard at first get easier the more you do them, leaving more mental room to up-level other things.

When we first brought our son home from the hospital and I started meal planning, I had to find the actual time to fit it in, but also the mental space to even consider it. Now, it's so automatic that it doesn't take the effort anymore, effort that can I put towards something else.

I learned lots of things in nutrition school that I wish I didn't know, but I can never unlearn them. Things about the food system in North America that made me want to alternately cry and never eat anything from the grocery store ever again. That's why I had to change the way I was eating first, because I couldn't willingly put processed foods and phood (fake foods) into my body anymore knowing what I knew.

Once I learned that in North America, personal care products are manufactured with over 10,500 chemicals where no pre-market safety testing is required, I couldn't feel safe using my regular skin care goodies anymore, either.