When it comes to making meals that meet your families' nutritional requirements (i.e. anything resembling a fruit or vegetable!),
grocery shopping, organizing your busy schedule, doing laundry, and working,
it's no wonder that you escape to everyone else's seemingly perfect life on Instagram.

But then you start feeling like crap about your own life, and like you're not doing enough.

I know that feeling. It’s called overwhelm. (And it’s NOT fun.)

When you're trying to do everything, and taking care of everyone but yourself,
self-care can seem like an expensive latte from Starbuck's or an extra glass of wine.

Which just makes the problem worse, because you're still not getting what you really need.

You crave quiet. Stillness. Calm.

You sometimes just want everything to stop.


As a holistic nutritionist, a healthy diet is (usually) a non-negotiable, but it took some major rock bottom moments
for me to realize that my go-go lifestyle was causing my body and my mental health to fall apart.

That's exactly why I've come up with a few easy ways to turn your
kitchen-time into self-care time, so you can start nourishing your body ...
and maybe even have time left over to do something for yourself.

health society relaxing picture


1. My Party in Your Pantry Playlist
‘Cause sometimes you just gotta bust a move with your food processor, drop those veggies in the pan like they’re hot, and turn up the tunes to make your time in the kitchen cruise on by.

2. My Rainbow-Colourful Guide: 6 Steps to a Stress-Free Supper
So you can start marinating in delicious, soul-satisfying calm every day of the week.

3. Three Day Family Friendly Meal Plan with the Grocery List
To help you discover your sanity in kitchen ASAP.

4. Plus FREE tips and freshly squeezed recipes delivered straight to yo’ inbox
To save your sanity in the kitchen and fold ease back into your life.