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ARE YOU Ready to grow your health business faster and easier?


Take the ‘Light up your Biz’ Quiz to find out the fastest way to build a profitable health business based on your own unique strengths and personality!

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Get into the flow easier

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Use your natural talents

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Truly love what you do

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Are you overwhelmed trying to build your health business because it seems like there are so many ways of doing it? I totally get it!

I mean, you could see clients one-on-one or in groups, create weekly meal plans or a huge signature program, create an online course or join a network marketing company. Or all of the above :S.

Some people in the know recommend public speaking and seminars to grow your business, and some preach about webinars, blogging, or social media. Don't even get me started on paid ads. There are SO many options!

If you’re tired of feeling completely confused and not knowing where to start, you’re not the only one!


You want to be able to build your health business without all the stress.

You want it to feel effortless … and not like you’re wading through quicksand chia pudding.


But what if someone could tell you exactly what way of growing a health business fits your unique personality and strengths, so that building your business feels (dare I even say it?!) easy?

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Hey you! My name is Ashley Srokosz, and I help people just like you grow their health business by finding new paying clients and customers on autopilot.

I’ve been in business for over a decade now, and for the first 5 years I tried every possible tactic to build my nutrition practice … and still claimed a negative $20,000 income. That is, until I stopped listening to everyone else and starting building a business based on my own personality and strengths.

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Goodbye to attending huge conferences, which are 1,000% overwhelming for this anxious introvert, and hello to creating value-packed resources that grow my business around the clock without me having to be on social media 24/7.

Oh, and hello to a 6-figure income.

My business skyrocketed when I stopped trying to build like everyone else and focused on what I’m naturally good at, and I can’t wait to help you do it, too!

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You’ll instantly find out exactly what is the fastest and easiest way to build your business based on your unique strengths and personality!