Do you want to feed yourself and your family healthy meals everyday that actually taste good and don't use crazy, hard-to-find ingredients?

Are you exhausted from doing all the meal planning and grocery shopping in your house (usually all by yourself), week in and week out?

Do you wish that family-friendly recipes, weekly grocery lists, and a schedule would magically show up on your kitchen counter?

"Why does eating healthy have to be so damn hard?"

How many times have you said this to yourself as you're cleaning up after another failed "healthy" recipe from Pinterest (that took you 30 minutes to find) that your family wouldn't eat?


- have no idea even where to start! Do you go vegan, paleo, or maybe gluten free? Do you eat organic or local ... or does it even matter? Should you buy fat free everything or dollop butter on every meal? How much salt is too much? Le sigh.

- feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day duties already, and if you add one more thing to your to-do list, the fragile house of cards that is your life might just topple over ... taking your sanity with it. You're one wrong order at Tim Horton's away from losing it.

- really, really want to make healthy changes in your house because you personally feel like crap, but no one else seems to care. So you end up doing all the work yourself, and everyone hates you in the process . You hear this all the time: "Mom/Honey, where's my chips/chocolate/pop?" or "what's this green leafy stuff in the fridge?"

- are exhausted from planning all the meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), day in and day out, 365 freaking days a year PLUS feeling the responsibility that your families' health is in your hands

What’s worse is that your health is suffering.

You feel like shit and have zero energy.

Your hormones are seriously out of whack, and you should wear a warning sign for the entire week before your period.

You feel like your marriage might fall apart because you're so exhausted after taking care of everyone else that you can't remember the last time you had sex. Hell, you can remember the last time you even kissed your husband!



I had the reason to change what I was eating
and I felt like I had no choice but to listen to my body
... even if I had no idea what I was doing.

The Naturopathic Doctor who diagnosed me told me what I should (and shouldn't) be eating, but didn't tell me how to make the changes in my busy life.

My solution: I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist
so that I could help others in the same situation.

I wanted to help people who knew they wanted to or HAD to change their diet, but they had no idea where to start.

I started helping busy women overcome chronic health issues,
like PMS, menopause, and digestive issues, just by changing up
what they were eating and how they viewed their busy, stressful lives.

I thought I was giving my busy clients plans that were totally realistic and doable ... and then I became a mom.

Holy crapola, why doesn't anyone warn you that simple tasks like making dinner or grocery shopping turn into World War 3 once you have kids? To be fair, I'm sure people did warn me, I just wasn't paying that much attention.

I came up with my own system for our house, with whole food recipes that fulfilled my food nazi health requirements, our toddler's and my hubby's tastebuds, and our newly shortened food prep time requirements (i.e. managed by the hangriness of our 3-year-old).

I couldn't keep my system to myself, because ....

What I love most?




And I’m ready to help you.

I know that you don't have time to waste on trying tons of new recipes, with ingredients you've never heard of, that your family may or may not like. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So, I came up with my own solution for busy women:

I know that you could just go to the local bookstore and buy one of the zillion healthy eating cookbooks on the shelf. However, in my experience (and I have over 100 cookbooks!), there's only a handful of recipes in each book that make the cut in my house with my son's toddler pickiness and with my nutrition standards.


FULL DISCLOSURE: If you’re the type of person who likes to buy cookbooks in the hope that they'll change your life, but you never actually MAKE any of the recipes, don't even bother reading any further.

Instead, go spend your hard-earned money on some ready-made healthy meals that won't make you feel guilty because you never followed through. There's no room for guilt in my healthy eating programs!



3 weeks of instantly downloadable, done-for-you meal plans - To take the guesswork out of meal organization & prep, so you have more time for important stuff.

3 weeks of ready-to-roll grocery lists - So you can hit the aisles running, get your shopping done in half the time, and be home in time for your latest Netflix marathon (i.e. date night).

A recipe guide with 44 nutritionally-balanced recipes that your whole family will love - Plus the flexibility to move recipes around and fold them into your schedule as you please.

The 3-part Get Glowing Guide - To teach you how to choose the healthiest foods for your family, amp up your energy, and cook up the confidence to take on the world ... without your caffeine dependence.

Get Glowing book cover.jpg

If you’re ready follow your healthy eating dreams with food that your family will not only tolerate, but LOVE, then read this:

Chantal Jura testimonial pic

"Oh.My.Word. The bolognese sauce with spaghetti squash is amazing. I was a bit skeptical about the squash as I don't love it, have never tried spaghetti squash, and I LOVE pasta, but this was amazing. Did not miss the pasta, and my husband and todller both had second helpings! The flavours are amazing! I never use my crock pot because I find that every recipe I have tried is bland and the texture of meat is strange. This was a winner!”

~ Kim A. Kincardine, Ontario

But what does it cost?

I want to make sure that the 21 Day Real Food Reset - which includes 3 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, 44 family-friendly recipes PLUS the 3-part Get Glowing Guide - is super affordable for every busy woman who wants to eat healthier without losing her mind.

So, I priced it less than what you probably spend at your local coffee shop each month.


The 21 Day Real Food Reset is $29 CDN
(plus applicable taxes)




What's included in the 21 Day Real Food Reset?

You'll get:

- 3 weekly meal plans to take the guesswork out of meal organization and prep
- 3 ready-to-roll grocery lists, so you can hit the aisles running (and boycott label-reading)
- 44 slammin' breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that your whole family will love

PLUS you'll receive the Get Glowing Guide, where I teach you why I designed this program the way that I did. This is so that you can keep applying what you've learned going forward after you're done the 21 days. Kind of like my holistic nutritionist version of give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.


What kind of recipes are included?

The 21 Day Real Food Reset includes ingredients from all food groups. Some recipes are vegan, some are paleo, and everywhere in between. However, every recipe uses easy to find, common whole foods that are available in my smallish Canadian city of 50,000.

While I'm not going to give you the complete recipe list, but here's a sampling of what's included:

- BREAKFAST: Chocolate cake batter smoothie,  crockpot pumpkin oatmeal
- LUNCH: Chicken lettuce wraps, butternut squash soup (made on the weekend)
- DINNER: Quesadillas, weeknight shepherd's pie, roasted chicken + veggies en papillote
- SNACKS: Banana nut power muffins, fruit crisp, power muffintops

What about food allergies?

You already read above that have food allergies, too! All recipes are gluten-free and can easily be made dairy-free. There are 2 recipes with eggs out of 44 recipes. A few recipes contain nuts, but these can be substituted with nut-free options, like hemp or sunflower seeds without affecting the taste too much. My son has a peanut allergy, so all recipes are peanut free!

What happens after I pay?

After your payment is processed, you'll receive a receipt by e-mail with the link to securely download your digital PDF file. You can choose to save this file to your computer and read it on your screen OR print it. I'd recommend printing it in black and white, as all pages are designed in colour and will drain your ink cartridges really fast. You can get it printed at a local print shop for less than $20.

I’ve helped hundreds of women around the world do just that without losing their sanity, and I know that I can help you.

So after all that, I know you're still reading because you want to eat healthier and feel better, you just need some help along the way.

Genevieve Marie testimonial pic

"I have to say that I owe so much to Ashley. I have always wanted to eat healthier, but never had the tools to know how. Yes, there are millions of websites with meal plans and recipes, but in all honesty, I look at ingredients and say ... 'What the heck is that?'. I didn't grow up in a family with a mom who was a fabulous cook - or even cooked for that matter. We grew up eating ravioli from a can and dried out meat (no wonder I was sooo picky). I have always strived to nourish my family with the best and I would say I am a pretty good cook, but I can do better. I stumbled upon Ashley's 21 Day Real Food Reset, and I cannot tell you how amazeballs this was!! Immediately I was in love with cooking, I was nourishing my family with pride, organized, prepared, and most of all, excited!!! I now have my meals planned for the week, my ingredients all stocked in my pantry and best of all - I'm rid of the 'oh my gawd what do I make for supper?'. Thank you, thank you, Ashley. You really have no idea how much you have affected my family positively - you have helped change us for the better.”

~ Genevieve Michelle. Chatham, Ontario

If you're wondering if there's a better way, I'm here to tell you that there is. It's called meal planning. It's not sexy, but damn, it works!

If meal planning makes you roll your eyes and go back to creeping through your Instagram feed at all the cute babies, while wondering why you just can't seem to get your shit together, then the 21 Day Real Food Reset is for you. You don't have to be a chef or have a fancy kitchen, just a want to take the first step.

Honestly, it's amazing how much just having a plan to eat healthier can make the rest of the day go smoother.

No more texting back and forth with your hubby "what do you feel like for dinner?", and him texting back "I don't know, what do you feel like?" (uh, is there anything more infuriating!?), or rushing from work to the grocery store for just one ingredient ... and leaving 30 minutes later and $30 poorer.


Get the 21 Day Real Food Reset for $29 CDN
(plus applicable taxes)


Do you have questions that I haven’t answered above? Click here to drop me an e-mail, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.