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Build your business by attracting your ideal clients and customers … on autopilot



Why do you even NEED a website?

What we covered:

- why do you even need a website? I mean, it's the year 2018, and websites have been around FOREVER. How can they still be relevant? Isn't social media WAY better for building your business

- why you’re insanely vulnerable if you’re building ONLY on social media

- what are the latest stats from social media for organic reach

- Your dream solution if you don’t want to be online 24/7 OR keep having to invest in paid ads (that aren’t even working anyways)

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How to use blogging to find new payIng clients 24/7, 365 days a year

**start watching at 24 minutes, 30 seconds to find out how to test an idea for a paid product or service (to find out if people will actually pay you for it) BEFORE you spend tens or hundreds of hours making it! This specific part is only 5 minutes long but incredibly valuable.


What we covered:

- How to write your blog posts so you can attract new email subscribers round the clock

- Organizing your blog to use posts over and over again

- How to use content you've already created to turn new email subscribers into paying customers ASAP

- How to figure out what your ideal clients will pay you for BEFORE you come up with your products or services



An intro to THE easiest website building platform in the world!


What we covered:

- why I deleted a custom website that I paid $10,000 for, which kept costing me major money each month

- a sneak preview of the easiest website building platform in the world (I even built a page on my website LIVE on this video in less than 15 minutes!)

- how to build the most popular page on your website, and how to use it to convert new visitors to raving fans

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How to use a website to build your doTERRA business


What covered:

- how to simplify the enrollment process for people who want to join you

- how to support your current customers

- how to support your current business builders


Q&A time!

Questions I answered:

- What if your business is seasonal (eggs pork, honey, etc) Is there a point? If so, how should it be set up?

- How do you get people to go to your website when most of us use social media instead?

- How to convert to sales

- Do you suggest blogging via my website only? As it stands, I use social for most of my writing. Just wondering if it should be on my my site, too & newsletter

- Is it better to do a free resources page OR to have it password protected for subscribers only?

- What if you don't have anything to sell yet? Why would having a website help with this?

- I am interested in your program mainly for my Doterra business. I haven’t hit elite yet so I am wondering if this would a good choice at this time in my business?

- What if you have a domain purchased and hosted through another company?

- I already have a Squarespace website ... is your course more for people who are brand new to SS, or can I still learn something new?

- If I buy the basic version now, can I upgrade later? Also, is your program closing, or is it open so I can join later?