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Build your business by attracting your ideal clients and customers … on autopilot



How to find new paying customers
for your health business


What we covered:

- the 3 main ways you can spread the word and market your business

- why social media isn’t working for you … even though you’re spending hours each week on it!

- what actually works to find new paying customers, whether you’re doing email marketing, paid ads, social media, or speaking engagements

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How to find the time to build your website & Brand


What we covered:

- The #1 question you need to ask yourself before you do anything in your business

- Why a favourite children's story is replaying itself in your business

- How to break down your weekly schedule to make sure you get your top priorities done




Why hiring out your website could be your biggest business mistake ever


What we covered:

- the process you’ll go through when you hire a website designer (and what it’ll cost you)

- the one crucial thing that 99% of website designers don’t do that could mean the difference between finding new paying customers on autopilot … or not

- what I learned from paying $10,000 for a custom website (and the real story of why I deleted it 14 months later)

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How my website saved my business
(a tale of chronic anxiety)


What we covered:

- How my chronic anxiety stops me in my business and life in general (apply any other chronic illness to this example!)

- How I use my website to work around my chronic anxiety

- How to answer the question "If I had to step away from my business, would I still have an income?" with a resounding YES!