How to grow your newsletter list by 245% in 30 days (+ a free video class)

 Are you a holistic health coach who wants to grow your e-mail newsletter list? Ashley Srokosz, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, shares the exact steps she used to grow her e-mail newsletter list by 245% in 30 days, leading to $6862.90 in sales from an online program a month later. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions that are perfect for holistic nutritionists, health coaches, or yoga teachers!

Exactly one year ago in my nutrition practice, I was designing a sales funnel for my biggest online program I've launched to date. Since online programs average a 1-3% conversion rate for purchases (meaning that only 1-3% of people who see the product will purchase, usually from a newsletter list), I knew that in order to make the kind of revenue that I wanted to make, I'd have to grow my newsletter list by a lot ... and fast. My realistic goal was to grow it by 250, but my secret, out-of-this world goal was to grow my list by 500.

I ended up growing my list from 794 to 1,941 people (that's an increase of 1,147 people = 245% growth) in exactly 30 days, and here's how I did it:

I planned on starting my launch for the first running of Mama Mojo at the end of last September, and it was the end of June/early July, and so I thought that something in late August/early September would do the trick. Also, I love back to school season, it always feels like New Years to me, and really wanted something that would give women a break after having their kids home all summer.

The idea for a 30 Day Challenge came from Nathalie Lussier, who runs a free 30 day list building challenge. I thought that I could take the same premise, apply it to my niche (busy moms who wanted to start eating healthier), and bam! Instant list growth!

After some branding work for my new website that was in development, one of the feelings that kept coming up was calm. At the time, Aleks was 1 1/2 years old, and I wanted, no, craved calm every day. Just a few minutes to myself, that's all.

So, I did what a lot of us holistic practitioners do, and turned my mess into my message. I came up with 30 activities and recipes that I wanted to challenge MYSELF to do in 30 days, things that didn't cost a lot of money but made me feel a little it like the woman I used to be before my autonomy and sleep got taken away from me. Things like drink your tea when it's still hot, and buy yourself flowers. Not expensive, they just felt luxurious.

The 30 Day Calm Mom Challenge was born, and boy, did it come into this world with a bang.

I worked with a copywriter to develop a simple sign-up page that you can see to the right. Let's dissect the copy, shall we?

(psst: you can click on the pic to get a closer look at the copy. It gets a little blurry when zoomed in, so feel free to see the live sign-up page at

At the top, there's a super colourful image of me with Aleks, letting mom's know that I have kids, helping to build rapport.

In the purple box, it tells you right away what you're going to learn, with words like "silence" and "rediscover the woman you were pre-mommyhood". What busy mom wouldn't want that?

Then, in the blue section, we get to the pain points. Things that happen on a daily basis to moms that they wish didn't. Things like:

- not being able to pee or shower by yourself
- not being able to sit down in peace without your kids climbing all over you
- having no energy and no libido

These are things that I would talk about with my mom friends over and over again, and hear about in conversations on social media.

In other words, I spoke in a harried moms' language, saying things that she probably says on a daily basis. This helped these women to think "wow, this girl gets it! It's like she's describing my life!", and they trusted me because of it.

Then, in the peach part, I introduced the challenge itself, how it came to be, and a little bit about myself and why I'm an expert. It tells my ideal client what they'll get, and WHY they should trust me to give it to them.

Then, there's the call to action with the sign-up box. Note, the polite message at the bottom that they'll also be signed up to my newsletter. I don't want these women feel like I'm taking advantage of them, I want them to trust me from the start.

Thanks to the amazing copywriter I worked with, and my crystal clear vision of my ideal client, this sign-up page had a conversion rate of a whopping 36%! That means that for every 100 people I could get to the site, 36 women would sign up.

I set a goal of growing my list by 500 women from when I started promoting it on August 13th until it began on September 1st. 

I spilled the beans on my business Facebook page on August 14th, when I shared this simple post to my left. I had about 550 fans on that page at the time, and you can see it reached 950 people organically (i.e. without me paying for an ad) because 2 people shared it. Sweet!!

In the welcome e-mail, I asked the participants to share it with their friends who they know needed the challenge, and within 2 days I was at 157 mamas.

I also shared it in a few private Facebook groups that I was a part of, including one for Marie Forleo's B-School, which had almost 10,000 people in it at that point. 

I then made an image that I could edit going forward with how many mamas signed up in what time period, and then shit hit the fan. You can see in the post copy that I blatantly asked people to share it, and it was shared 32 times!

You can also tell from that post that I paid a teeny, tiny $0.81 to boost the post to 63 people before Facebook pulled the ad because it had too much writing on it.

Clearly, most of the reach was organic.

By the next day, 280 mamas had joined, and I changed the same picture to say 280 mamas from 9 countries (I can see where they signed up on in AWeber under reports), and boosted the post for $9.36. It reached 1265 people organically, and 167 paid.

Over the next two days, I had a few other posts similar to the one from August 14th, resulting in another 19 shares and 1,845 people reached organically.

It was around this point that the Calm Mom Challenge took on a life of it's own, with me hitting my huge goal that I dreamed of but never though I'd hit of 500. I needed to think bigger!

I knew that a lot of the people who were fans of my biz page were personal friends, and that they'd want to help me out. So I wrote this post, again, outright asking for people to help me and share. What I did differently was that I was vulnerable (by risking not hitting my goal publicly), and declared that I wanted the challenge to hit 1,000 women by Friday (this was on Monday). Here's the exact post I wrote:

And then something beautiful happened. Women who I didn't personally know started messaging me asking if they could share my challenge in a private mom group that they were a part of on Facebook. They just kept coming, asking if they could share in a group of a few hundred, and then a group of 10,000.

My answer was something along the lines of: is the sky blue? Does your kid always wait to poop their pants when you're in a rush out the door?

In other words, a hells yes!

I also kept sharing in a few private Facebook groups, and the 30 Day List Building group (that comes with the free challenge I linked to above). People were so interested to know how I was doing it behind the scenes, which also drove traffic to the site.

I wrote 3 guest posts for websites with similar ideal clients as me, one for a girl I met through B-School (click here), one for my fellow RHN Sara Bradford (click here) and the final one for (click here). You can see that they were all slightly re-written versions of the same post on my own website (click here), so that Google Search wouldn't penalize traffic for having the same article posted. No need to re-invent the wheel! I have no idea how much traffic those guest posts generated, as my Google Analytics didn't kick in until September 11th, well after the site was live. 

By the time the challenge started on September 1st, I was at just over 700, and I didn't stop promoting from there. I shared a picture and a blurb for each day of the challenge, sending them to the same sign-up page.

I updated my Analytics chart on September 13th, when I hit 1,941 on my newsletter list, a 245% increase from the 794 I started with. I also grew my Facebook fans from 550 to 800, which always feels good.

And how did I fare in my Mama Mojo launch? Did it make any difference? I ended up selling 7 full spots to the program and 32 meal plans, resulting in $6,862.90 in revenue. That's 37 in total, and if you do a rough calculation from a list of 2,000, that's a 1.8% conversion. Right in line with what would be expected for an online program to convert!

If you have a few weeks time, you could totally start a funnel for an online OR 1-1 program that could bring in thousands of dollars.

There's so much more to share with you, like how I came up with the content and designed it with the end goal of selling an online program, how I delivered it, and how I wrote my e-mails that I could talk for hours ... but a one-hour webinar will have to suffice!

I wanna know: what would a 245% increase in your mailing list do for your income?