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Hey there, I'm Ashley!

I help women (just like you!) design their life of more according to their soul stirrings and heart whispers.


More of what? More joy, laughter, calm, abundance, & fulfillment. Basically, more of the good stuff.


I believe that stress is killing us all. We live our lives by others’ expectations, schedules, and rules, even if the cost is our sanity. We compare ourselves to everyone else’s perfect lives on social media. We work at jobs we hate because they’re “safe”. We stress our bodies with processed food and chemicals because it’s easier and we’re just. so. exhausted.

I believe that we’re all better when we take care of ourselves first. You can be a better Mom, wife, daughter, friend, and ladyboss when you’re rested, nourished, and fulfilled. Being a perfectionist, martyr and a slave to your schedule is sooooo 2012.

I believe that becoming a ladyboss of your own business empire can be the most fulfilling work ever. Old paradigm: spend thousands on post-secondary education, slave for someone else for 35 years who will dictate how many hours you work and how much money you’ll make, then retire when you’re too old to experience life the way you always dreamed.

New paradigm: go into a low-risk business for yourself (one that doesn’t require thousands to get it started), grow it by showing everybody what living a beautiful life really is, get raises whenever you want, and don’t even worry about retiring because your “work” feels so good that you could do it forever, from wherever.

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You don’t have to prove anything to anybody, but it’s time to get quiet so you can hear what’s important to you.

Your dream life could be traveling the world or never having to leave your house.

The point is that you get to define what your life looks like … but only if you have the courage to claim it.


What it all comes down to is learning how to receive abundance and knowing that you’re already enough just the way that you are. You don’t have to constantly work harder and harder to get what you want, you’re already worthy of experiencing ease right now.


You and I are going to get along if you believe (like me) that the world needs a little more:



It's way too easy for to take everything a little too seriously (I’m soooooo guilty of this). Let's balance everything we have to do with some things that we want to do!


I don’t mean sssssshhhh, I mean let’s cut out the noise of everyone else’s opinion. Turn off social media and the news, and start figuring out how you want to feel. No meditation required.


It's really easy to dream up goals and things you want to achieve. Doing it is a whole other ballpark. You're one of the one who's ready to stop planning and over-thinking, and start doing.



Want to really know what it's like to have a level of health you've never had, or what it takes to have a successful business? Stick with me while I pull back the curtain on my biz and life. No BS 'round these parts.


It takes bravery and boldness to opt-out of society’s expectations for how you should spend your days, but you’re tired of should-ing all over yourself. You’re ready to own it like you never have before, even if it’s scary.


A little bit more about Ashley

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, mama on-the-go and semi-recovered perfectionist and workaholic.

Like any other modern woman who wears a million different hats each day, there’s always more behind these labels.


To understand why I do what I do, you have to know a little bit more about my story:

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If I can do this, so can you.


I’m just one woman living in a small city, armed with a laptop and dream. And an obscene amount of dark chocolate covered almonds.


I believe that when you stop cruising on auto-pilot, wake up, and take control of your life, that you can create the extraordinary existence that you’ve always wanted.

I believe that you can feel calm and peaceful because you’re living according to your own priorities and not someone else’s. Stop and listen to what you want for once!


I want to help you have your own life of more by your own definition.
It's your birthright.


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