Quick dinner recipe (less than 5 minutes!)

Quick dinner recipe (less than 5 minutes!)

We've all had those nights where we can't even fathom spending 15 minutes on dinner, much less 30. But how about 5 minutes?

A whole foods, healthy, customizable dinner that takes 5 minutes or less? How is that even possible?

Enter my good friend Sara Bradford. Sara is a good friend of mine who is a fellow holistic nutritionist who's a wizard in the kitchen, but still has one food in the real world (you know, the one where you need a good cocktail and dinner to come from a can at the end of a trying day).

Read on for Sara's no-BS take on how to get dinner on the table in 5 minutes or less while keeping your sanity, hormones, stress and energy levels intact.

Life lessons learned from doing something that utterly terrifies you

Life lessons learned from doing something that utterly terrifies you

2 weeks ago, I did something that was so terrifying to me that I haven't done it in 10 years.

Whenever I thought about doing it, I could feel my chest tighten up. My breathing got shallow. My muscles tensed up. My mind went into a tailspin of worry, questioning why I was even trying to do this particular thing again even though I was paralyzed with fear.

And I did it anyways. And it was glorious.

So what did I do? I flew by myself.

To some of you, this might not seem like a big deal. You probably fly by yourself all the time, maybe even flitting from country to country while you see the world. That sounds like my worst nightmare.

I can do a lot of things that terrify other people, like public speaking, which by the way is the #1 thing that most people fear more than death itself! I can stand up in front of a crowd of hundreds of people with no speech prepared or practiced and knock it out of the park. I've never really had too much of an issue with it my entire life, so I can't fully understand when other people have a debilitating fear of it.

That's me with flying by myself ... or that was me, because 2 weeks ago I embarked on an 8-day, 7,686 kilometer trip (for you Americans, that's almost 5,000 miles) with 5 flights to 3 Canadian cities in 3 different time zones. BY MYSELF.

Talk about immersion therapy. #gobigorgohome

How was I able to do this even though I was terrified?

An anti-cancer manifesto

An anti-cancer manifesto

It's October, which means it's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Just in case you're living under a rock and hadn't noticed that everything is pink.

This is one of the most frustrating months for me as a holistic practitioner, with seeing posts all over social media saying something along the lines of "only 5-10% of breast cancers are hereditary, and the other 90-95% are a total crapshoot". That one little line was written by an incredibly powerful woman I know who has fought 3 different forms of cancer over 8 years, all starting in her breast. However, I believe that statistic is doing you an incredible disservice.

Why? Because the other 90-95% are NOT a total crapshoot. You absolutely have the power to reduce your chance of developing cancer.

Today, I'm just going to talk about nutrition, because it's what I know the most about and what I've been studying the longest. Perhaps I'll have another ground-breaking post in me for my next article, but I'm not promising anything. So let's examine what you're putting in your mouth everyday, and how much control it has over your chances of developing cancer.

If there's one thing that is a non-negotiable for me and my health, it's the food I eat.

What you eat 3-5 times every single day has the ability to create disease OR the best health you've ever had. It's your choice.

A fantastic book on this subject is "Eating Well, Living Well" by Richard Béliveau and Denis Gingras. In this book, there's a summary on prospective studies (long-term studies) showing the link between consumption of specific foods and incidence of cancer. The numbers are utterly staggering. In a study of 11,699 women, there was a 44% reduced risk of post-menopausal breast cancer when dietary folate was consumed from green vegetables. This was independent of folic-acid containing supplements, indicating that while supplements are good, the actual vegetable is better. Another study of 58,049 women showed that the higher quartile of dietary lignan intake (which you can find in vegetables, fruits, and flax seed) was associated with a 8.5% decrease. However, in women with estrogen or progesterone positive breast cancer (i.e. hormone fuelled breast cancer), the decrease in risk with the highest lignan intake skyrocketed to 28%.

Pretty much every other cancer has studies with similar results, as follows:

What to do when you're craving calm

What to do when you're craving calm

I think we can all agree that, as a society, we are the antithesis of calm.

Everyday, whether we're conscious of it or not, we're propagating a runaway train of frenzied, hectic to-do lists and schedules. I'm totally guilty of waking up, making sure that Aleks has some sort of breakfast food to accompany him while he watches Netflix, and then settling straight into social media.

5 minutes after waking up, my nervous system is bombarded with all the exciting things that almost 1,000 of my friends are doing on Facebook, 400 perfectly curated Instagram accounts, and about 30 e-mail newsletters weekly in my inbox.

I may log on just to see what everyone is doing, or I might have had an actual reason to be on social media (pfft, does this really exist?), but after 5 minutes my attention is usually caught up in a storm of "wow, look at what that person is doing! I should be doing that, too." or "sigh, that long lost friend who I knew for 2 months when I worked in Ottawa on a university co-op term in 2003 is taking the most amazing vacation. I want to do that, too!".

There has never been a time in history when we've had instant access to so many people, or have been influenced by what every Tom, Dick, and Harry are doing every second of their lives.

It's not exactly new to want to share ourselves with the world. Samuel Pepys kept a daily journal of the minutia of his life (including talking about his pimped out new watch and his cat) from January 1, 1660 until 1669.  It's just the fact that people can instantaneously read it that's been a game-changer.

However, with all the opportunity that this connectedness has created, is it really good for us?

Confessions of a Food Nazi's Spouse

Confessions of a Food Nazi's Spouse

It starts off with just one leaf of kale. Next thing you know you are voluntarily eating quinoa. Then you are sneaking homemade hummus in dark corners. Before you know it…..you are hooked. Asking friends if you can borrow some coconut oil. Drinking 3 glasses of water a month ain’t enough. You need it every day, like a couple times a day, then 6 times a day. You are basically DRINKING WATER ALL DAY. 

You have an addiction. Its official. You are healthy.

That’s not exactly how it happened, but you get the point. I exaggerate, frankly, its one of my favourite things to do. Know what else I like to do? Eat smoked meat and drink beer……and that diet met its match when I fell in love with Ashley Srokosz.