4 ways to save time in your health business with a brand & website

The problem is that you've got to market your business to get new clients, but you need the time to work with those clients to make an income. How can you possibly balance it all? #Blogging #BloggingHacks #SocialMedia #HowToBlog #OnlineBusiness

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Cliff’s Notes version

Have you got 99 business problems, and not enough time is the top one? Join the club!

Between replying to emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram DM's, running your Facebook group, curating the perfect Instagram feed, writing blog posts, pinning on Pinterest, sending email newsletters, creating a new online program, group program, or one-on-one program, preparing expenses, HST and your taxes, oh, and actually working with paying customers, you've got a lot on your plate.

The problem is that you've got to market your business to get new clients, but you need the time to work with those clients to make an income. How can you possibly balance it all?


You've got to set up systems to save you time.


I'm the Queen of systems, I've pretty much got a "system" for everything. But recently I realized that my systems aren't just there for the sake of having them, being über organized or Type-A, or because it feels "good".

What I use, and teach all of you, is how to create systems with soul.

What does that even mean? It means that you set up systems:

a) with the ultimate goal of helping more people; and

b) to free up your valuable time so you can spend it doing what you really LOVE (which most likely isn't preparing your expenses and invoices for the government).

What do I use to create my systems with soul? Specifically:

- Facebook post scheduler (SmarterQueue)
- Blog post planner (Google Sheets)
- Pinterest assistant (paid contractor)
- Launch and big project planning software (Trello)
- Finance planner (Trello)

But at a higher level, my favourite and most effective systems with soul include:

- my branding (pre-chosen colours, fonts, styles -> design templates)
- my website
- my blog (on my website)

I save hours each week (really!) by having solid branding and a website in place. This didn't happen by accident.

My branding was chosen and my website designed with very focused intention and strategy to lead to new paying customers on autopilot, or at least get them 75% of the way there to buying. I only have to swoop in and spend 1-1 time with them when they've already convinced themselves that they're on board.

The good news is that you can save loads of time for yourself!

So today, I’m teaching you 4 ways to save valuable time in your health business with a beautiful brand + website:

#1 Save time with branding

How long do you sit there when posting on social media, fiddling with your picture, adding colours and fonts, trying to make your feed look “pretty”?!

- Don’t have to worry about colours or fonts, just plug and play

Click here for an entire blog post showing you all the pieces of your brand puzzle that you need to save time on ALL your visual marketing going forward.

#2 Create Q+A’s and systems

Create systems for most common processes, like scheduling, hosting events, getting people to qualify and enroll themselves if you do network marketing.

- Examples of this are my “purchase doTERRA” page (click here) and “doTERRA as a business page” (click here), which could be used in exactly the same way for 1-1 nutrition or health coaching services

- I’m able to send the link as a DM or in an email, rather than typing the same instructions over and over again.

- Turn your most common questions into blog posts:

  • For all of you brand new to the online world, a blog is a shortened version of “weblog”. It’s a page on your website that’s updated more frequently than the others, and it’s usually written more casually as well.

  • A blog is the #1 way that I grow my email list, and therefore grow my business. In the past 30 days, I’ve added 270 new people to my email list completely on autopilot, meaning that there was VERY little active marketing going on

  • By using a blog, not only can you use this for your CURRENT customers, it’ll save you time by not having to repeat yourself a million times, but you can use this to attract NEW customers!

  • When people are on your website, they’ll most likely click around and see ALL the value and expertise you bring.

    • In current customers, this will give them confidence that they invested in you, and make them more likely to send a referral to you OR become a repeat customers

    • In future customers, this will help you create trust faster with them, leading to a sale faster

I have another helpful blog post (click here) on this very method for finding new customers via your blog.

- Events = all linked up from an event page on your website

  • When I create an event on my website, I can duplicate it again and again in seconds, so it’s easy if I have recurring events like the same essential oil classes, 201 classes, nutrition classes, cooking classes, etc

  • Current customers can see all the ways to get continuing education for you, especially if one particular date doesn’t work for them

  • Potential customers can see all the support you give to your customers, making them feel like they’ll be fully supported if they purchase from you, as opposed to someone else

    #3 Have new customers pre-qualify themselves

How many times have you done a free call with someone, and they’re just NOT a good fit whatsoever.

- What could you have done to educate them on who you are and what you do BEFORE spending 30 minutes or an hour with them?

- How much time could you have saved by having 50% of their logistical questions answered BEFORE the call so that you could get to the actual root of their problem and show your expertise?

- Reversing this method, you could also use this to pre-qualify YOUR new products and services by seeing if your current audience are even interested in it, but more importantly, would they part with their hard earned money for it!

This method that I shared above is outlined in this blog post here, specifically points #4 and #5.

#4 Bypass the algorithms

Who else is SO frustrated by social media algorithms lately?! It’s not going to get better! Social media is designed to get us to pay to play, so unless you want to start pumping money into ads, get used to algorithms who feel like they’re working against your business.

What to do instead:

- Make content once - share it EVERYWHERE

  • Syndication model = outlined in points #2 and #3 in this blog post here. This explains how you can create content once, and share it on upwards of 5+ different platforms to build your audiences organically in different ways on each one.

So there you have it, 4 ways to save your valuable time with a beautiful brand + website!

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