5 must listen business podcasts to grow your health and nutrition business

5 must listen business podcasts to grow your health and nutrition business

Earlier this year when I started walking for a half hour, 5 times a week, in an attempt to support my anxiety, I started listening to podcasts. I had tried many, many times before to listen on the regular, but I’m a visual learner, and listening to something while trying to focus on other tasks just doesn’t work for me, and frankly makes me feel overwhelmed. For example, cooking is like meditation for me, and the thought of breaking my calm focus (and possibly cutting off part of my fingers while chopping!) with someone blabbing in my ear sounded like one of my personal versions of hell. But listening to business podcasts while walking? BINGO.

I’ve been sharing my fave episodes of specific business podcasts on Instagram, and friends have been loving my recommendations. So I thought I’d put them here all in one place!

Some of my choices might seem random, or like they’re talking about a whole lot of stuff other than directly building a health or nutrition business. However, I’ve come to understand that even though most business podcasts are focused on other niches, or they might not even BE a traditional business podcasts, that you can successfully still apply the same tips and strategies to your own business.

And sometimes it’s more helpful to hear that someone else has been through the same challenge as you. You don’t even want or need a strategy to get through it, you just want to soothe your feelings and know that you’re not alone. Isn’t it amazing how technology these days CAN make you feel more connected?

So, here are my 5 must-listen business podcasts for your health and nutrition business:

6 ways to use a blog to grow your business on autopilot

6 ways to use a blog to grow your business on autopilot

Websites have been around for at least 30 years, and blogs for at least 20. How can they still be relevant? Well, the answer is that they’re still incredibly relevant, but not if you’re treating your website like an expensive electronic business card.

What I mean by “electronic business card” is that if you don’t have an active blog where you share new, valuable content on a regular basis, your website is just a sitting duck, not really doing anything … kind of like when you hand your business cards out at networking events. 99.9% of the time, they just get thrown in the trash!

How do you make sure that your website doesn’t end up in the proverbial trash, too? By having an active blog where you share epic content. And I mean EPIC content that people can’t help but want because it’s so incredibly valuable to them and their problems that you want to help them solve.

But isn’t writing blog posts a huge waste of time and energy? I mean, who really reads blog posts anymore? Let me share some examples from my own business of how it’s grown on autopilot through my blog, even when I wasn’t actively blogging for months at a time.

Example #1: I have one particular blog post that I wrote in Summer 2016 that has been seen by over 31,000 people since it was shared on a certain social media platform, with 434 people clicking through to that particular blog post, resulting in 219 people opting into my email list. Which platform? Keep reading!

Example #2: Over this past summer, when I didn’t publish one single blog post for 4 months because I was overhauling my online course, I still grew my email list by 221 people (a 17% increase, which is NOT a small amount!). During that same 4 month stretch time, there was one entire month where I only posted 4 times on Instagram, and I wasn’t active on any other social media platforms, and my list grew by 75 new subscribers.

So, how would YOU like for your email list, number of paying clients, and business to grow on autopilot, just like I’ve experienced? If you’re nodding your head yes, then …

How to launch (or relaunch!) your business in 30 days

How to launch (or relaunch!) your business in 30 days

This post should really be called “How to find your first paying client within 30 days”, because honestly? It’s not just about launching a business, it’s about finding paying clients … otherwise you don't even have a business! The idea for this post came from a Facebook group discussion over the summer that stemmed from this question:

For someone who’s been in the industry for 10 years, and who launched her business before social media was so integrated into our daily lives (I know, I can’t remember what that was like, either 😂), this question really made me think long and hard about how I would do this myself if I had to.

I put up a super long answer to this sweet lady and her question, but I wanted to expand on it and share it with you all, because I know that so many are in the same situation.

P.S. I would use this system to launch any business, not just a wellness business. The marketing principles are the same, no matter what niche or industry you’re in.

Without any more preamble or wasting time, let’s hop right into your 30 day “Finally Launch your Business” plan:

Stock photos for your health & wellness business

Stock photos for your health & wellness business

A few weeks ago, I shared about how I use stock photos on my Instagram feed, and my followers went bananas. So I asked them in a poll on Insta Stories if they'd be interested in me sharing my fave stock photo for your health & wellness business on my next blog post ... and overwhelmingly the answer was YES! One person answered no, but I have no idea why they follow me 😂.

While I'm a recovering perfectionist and try not to have everything perfect, there's no doubt that beautiful pictures on your website and social media DOES encourage people to follow you and stick around to read your content.

It's one thing to chase followers and clicks to your website, but to make money you have to turn those people into email subscribers and leads to develop a relationship with you first!

And since you own a business and not an expensive hobby, you don't just chase simple numbers like followers, you actually want to make a profit, right?

That's what beautiful pictures do: they entice people to stay around a little longer, read another post or two, and start to like and trust you. Hopefully they opt into your email list so that you own their information forever and aren't at the mercy of perpetual algorithm changes on social media.

Marie Forleo has shared that "after 3 seconds on your website, a prospect has already formed an impression of you". You could say the same for social media or anything public facing. You only have 3 seconds to communicate something of value, and think about how much information someone can absorb by reading for 3 seconds versus looking at some pictures.

It's true when they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

It seems superficial to focus on pretty pictures, but studies show that babies look at the faces of attractive people longer than unattractive ones. It's literally built into our brains and DNA to want to see pretty things.

Building a business with your strengths

Building a business with your strengths

Today we are going to dive deep on building a business with your strengths. The reason I want to talk about this is because I spent years building a business based off of what other people were telling me. I'd look up blog articles and people had courses that I'd take, and they had this amazing system that was working for them, but it didn't always work for me. And I've come to realize it was because those people were working with their natural strengths and it wasn't necessarily matching up with my natural strengths.

I'm here today to share some tips for building a business with your specific strengths because, believe it or not, the way that you build your business, you can either model it off of someone else's, you can learn and take all these courses and take all this knowledge and try to integrate it into your own business, but if it's not acting on your natural strengths, it's going to feel a lot harder along the way. 

So let's jump into some of the things that I've been learning over the past little bit that has helped myself, and my team that I have working with me, to work towards our greatest strengths and take the path of least resistance in our business.